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  • Need help...

    Hi Mike,

    you see my english is not very good but i'll try to send you an helping message...

    i have 4 childs, in middle 7years to almost 1years, and soon an another child in May !

    I live in st-hyacinthe, Qc at almost one hour to Montreal, and i have my house since 6 years... I have a lots off problme with electricity (but the check up was ok when i have buy the and i have a water infiltration year after year.. y have lost all my money in that problme..

    can you help my familly please ? cause im not in capacity anymore..
  • is there is god

    mike i watch your show all time and i see u helped lots people and now i asking for your help first i been living under roof is been licking for 3 years and that should be insurance claim insurance fix roof but still lick i been calling them for almost 3 years and fight with them they change roof in 3 years 2 times and now for 2 month i live alone in home and my family live some where else they took house part 2 month ago and now no one comes to fix it i live in house with mold and wood comes to be rottin

    and no one care any more even me i don;t care if i live in house or i die i need your help to make it right and tell me what i could do i live in edmanton alberta
  • I wonder if you are real -mike holmes or is it just a show for tv- do you really care,do you help people like me? will you help me I just asked the president of the U.S. if he cared & will he help me-I was ripped off by the company i bought my home from.

    Mike Holmes- I watch you on TV and I cry ,I have helped people all my life. time came i needed help, cant find any. I was ripped off, my home is falling apart .I was not allowed to inspect it- there rules.they put it on my land when i told them no, they promised to fix every thing & they did not. Iam disabled & at a low income so when I told them I was going to get a lawyer,I was laughed at & they said with what.i live in fear- fire trap house. ph.#910-270-1305-Laurie A. Loomis godbless
  • A man who can fix anything,anywhere and do it better than the average contractor but with true concern for those he is helping

    Love the show but think the guy is hot too. Wish I could find a great guy like him. It is great to know that someone truly cares about what the bad guys do to unsuspecting people. I think he has great ideas to make a persons home better than they were originally meant to be. Mike is through in his assessment of the situation and makes every effort to get to the core of the problem and usually finds more than he originally thought was wrong but he never fails to see it through and get the job done right. He is just a great person with a great heart and you can tell he is very sincere in his dealings with the people he helps on the show.
  • Forget Superman! This is a real superhero!

    I cannot thank Mike Holmes enough for simply being who he is and helping to pass some of his knowledge and experience on to his viewers.

    Obviously, no one watching his show, Holmes On Homes, will come out of it and say "Ahhh! Now I am ready to rip up my basement and redo it singlehandedly". However, by paying attention to the techniques he and his crew employs when they do a renovation and particular attention to the criticisms he makes of certain shortcuts that many contractors use today, you can avoid a great deal of grief and wasted money when you are having any work done in your own home. He points out why things are done in a certain way and not another. He tells you what to look for and what is either of concern or downright dangerous.

    One mantra he repeats over and over again bears stating here: "If you're gonna do it, do it right the first time". Word to live by.
  • Mike Holmes is the host of the Home Renovation show, Holmes on Homes (Which is into it's 5th season now). www.holmesonhomes.com http://www.hgtv.ca/tv/hosts/host_details.asp?hostID=36939asp

    Mike Holmes is a genuine and noble humanbeing. Not only does he host his own home renovation show, Holmes on Homes, but he is also an author, an entrepreneur, and a humanitarian. He is a Canadian and his show takes place primarily in Toronto. The show is currently in its Fifth season, in Canada, and has just recently been added to U.S. programing, roughly in September 2005. His show premises on helping homeowners who have been screwed by contractors. Holmes comes in and fixes, while teaching the viewer. He also is currently involved in building new houses which are water resistant, fire resistant and mold resistant, which should be on the market in the next few years, starting in Toronto, spreading through Canada and then Europe and the United States. Moreover, Holmes is currently involved in attempting to change Canadian legislation involving homeowners and contractors and in raising the minimum requirements. He is also involved in many different humanitarian foundations, including his own (check out his website www.holmesonhomes.com for more information). I recently saw Mr. Holmes at a renovation show and he is as charasmatic in real life as he is on his show. He is indeed the genuine article and has only used the limelight to further humanity.