Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee


8/24/1955, Hope, Arkansas, USA

Birth Name

Michael Dale Huckabee



Also Known As

Gov Mike Huckabee
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Michael D. (Mike) Huckabee is probably the second most famous person to ever hail from Hope, Arkansas. President Bill Clinton left for Hot Springs as a child but Huckabee stayed and like Clinton would find himself getting involved with the state's as well as the national political scene.…more


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    • Mike Huckabee: (after dropping out of the 2008 presidential race) Throughout my life, I've found that there are sometimes three possible answers to our prayers--"Yes," "No," or "Not Now." I would like to think our prayers were answered with a "Not Now."

    • Mike Huckabee: (When asked if he has been urged to drop out of the presidential race) I'm hearing it from John McCain's supporters. I've never seen a football team that's looked up into the stands of the other side and takes its cues for how to play the game. As long as my cheerleaders are waving pom poms..... They haven't thrown them down and said 'Quit, Mike, and get off the field.'

    • Mike Huckabee: I'm from Hope, Arkansas, you may have heard of it. All I'm asking is, give us one more chance.

    • Mike Huckabee: If celebrity and money were the most important factors in becoming president of the United States, then Paris Hilton would be president.

    • Mike Huckabee: And the ultimate thing is, I may not be the expert that some people are on foreign policy, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night.

    • Mike Huckabee: The single most important issue is restoring America's faith in itself.

    • Mike Huckabee: You don't run for president because you think you're going to lose.

    • Mike Huckabee: (after being asked in a presidential debate what Jesus would do regarding the death penalty) Jesus was too smart to ever run for public office.

  • I like Mike Huckabee and I hope he runs again in 2012.

    I think he would be a good running mate for John McCain, and would give that balance of the ticket that is needed to win this election. I liked his views on the war on terror, on healthcare, on Immigration and some other topics. I think if he ran in 2012 I could support Mike Huckabee again, unless McCain wins and does a great job that I want him for a second term. If McCain does a mediocre job, or God forbid loses in 2008 then I really could see me supporting Mike Huckabee again. He ran a great campaign and from what we saw he does have a good support base and could win if he got that support to grow again with the exposure from running in 2008.moreless
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