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    • Mike Judge: (when asked how he went from engineering to animation) I'd always wanted to try animation, and as a separate pipe dream, I wanted to go into comedy somehow, but I knew stand-up wasn't for me. Engineering didn't last very long for me, so I was a musician for, I guess, six years. I thought of animation as something I wanted to try if I was ever rich or retired. I went to an animation festival, and there were some cels from a local animator there. I'd always assumed that you had to buy an expensive camera, and it seemed like something I couldn't afford. I never thought about it long enough until I saw this guy's cels. Then I thought, "Okay, you can probably rent a camera to do all the work." So that's what I did. Actually, I bought a Bolex camera for $200 and started messing around with it. I just nerded out on this stuff, and the first thing I finished was the first "Office Space" short.