Mike O'Malley





10/31/1966 , Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Birth Name

Michael Donald O'Malley




Michael Donald "Mike" O'Malley was born on October 31, 1966 in Boston, Massachusetts to a career counselor named Marianne and Tony O'Malley, who is an executive of the defense industry. He is also the brother of Broadway actress, Kerry O'Malley.

Mike O'Malley is best known for his role of Jimmy Hughes on the long-running series, Yes, Dear. Mike was also the host of Nickelodeon Games and Sports Channels, Get the Picture, Guts, and Global Guts. He has also made apperances as himself on Nickelodeon Games and Sports Channels on Figure It Out. Mike started acting back in 1991 on one episode of Law and Order.

Mike married to his wife, Lisa, in 2000, and a few years later had his first child named Fiona, who was born in March of 2003. Next, in December of 2004, Lisa gave birth to their child, a boy, named Seamus. Mike also has another child named Declan.

If you are ever on the look-out for Mike, always look for a baseball cap.