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  • Great!

  • mike is a genius one of the best

    mike i watch in several tv episodes but i never laught so hard when i wath him in yes dear he is so hilarius i dont think know one was perfect for the role but him he rules the art of comedy hopefully he does bette comedys mike is one of the ultime greates of a new generation
  • hes so funny it hurts and he's a cutie

    Mike is so funny that is makes you want to bust your guts and laugh i have the biggest crush on him i dont know but to me he is so hottt hotie. jimmy is so funny and i wish that this show countinous for a very long time. jimmy rules. how could they cancel his show it's just not fair yes dear is one of the funniest shows on prime time
  • My boy

    hes from the good old state of NH. and he is the man. great in Yes Dear and those Espn commericals he is very funny. and portrays a new englander very well. hes the man. hes the only reason yes dear had any sucess at all. hes realaly a very funny actor