Mike Pollock

Mike Pollock


3/9/1965, Queens, New York, USA

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Michael Pollock, Herb Lawrence, Laurence Herb, Mike Pollack
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A Fox Box veteran, Mike has worked quite a lot in the past with Fox Box - he's even the announcer you hear in-between shows! His website features all of his acting work along with his charming samples. He is best known for voicing Dr. Eggman on Sonic…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • One of the best in the business, (what a sad business it is).

    Anyone could easily say that Mike Pollock is a worthy successor to the late Deem Bristow as the voice of Dr. Eggman, (and in some cases he does an even better job), but Mike has constantly shown that he ranks up with VA's like Dan Green as one of the very few excellent's stuck with 4Kids. Mike Pollock is nothing if not prolific: he's worked as the announcer inbetween 4Kids shows, he's done numerous commercial works, and, of course, he's a pro at anime dubbing.

    Pollock continuously provides realistic, believable, and properly emotional personalities to his characters; I honestly think that he can never be miscast, (even his Ella [Sonic X] was suitable). Also, like mentioned before, I think he provides an even better job at Eggman, at least *now*, than Deem Bristow would have. Deem always seemed to provide more snarl in his voice-acting than anything else, which would tend to be irritating. Mike makes Eggman sound evil like he is, but also silly like he is; think about it: is Eggman *really* the evil, threatening, "supergenius" he's supposed to be? No, he's just a nuisance who really isn't smart enough to realize his opponents weaknesses. (Mike also makes him talk more than unneccessarily snarl).

    Besides, once you hear Pollock say [as Eggman]: "I'm like a bad rash: you can't get rid of me!", you love him for life.moreless
  • He's good but should NOT be the replacement Eggman

    He's a good voice for Eggman, but should NOT be in the games. Why you ask. Because when he came aboard, Sega had to take ALL the 4Kids VAs to get him (I hate 4Kids so much for making it that way). Therefore Eggman should have just had a FULL new replacement like Tails and Knuckles got in later games. I mean come on, It can not be that hard to find a replacement to do a voice like that, They found one for Knuckles and a nice new one for Tails, so why this? Still he was trying to please the fans and the Japanese voice has a humorous tone so it still fits Eggman, Pollock deserves a 10moreless