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Mike Rowe


Mike Rowe Fan Reviews (26)

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  • What a great guy.

    Love him in everything he does.Funny.
  • Check out Mike's new mission at www.mikeroweworks.com

    On Labor Day, September 1, 2008, www.mikeroweWORKS.com was launched along with a video introduction where Mike described what he had in mind. Like Dirty Jobs, its purpose is to make a fun, but deliberate, case for skilled labor, and challenge the notion that a four-year degree is the only path to a worthwhile career. At the end of October, they put up a public forum and a call for help. Thanks mostly to the hard work of dedicated Dirty Jobs fans and others who've otherwise heard about the site, the forum has taken shape with literally thousands of links to trade resources, scholarships, apprenticeships, fellowships, and vocational schools (and more) that will benefit anyone wanting to explore a career in the construction or technical trades. The second phase of the website launched in February 2009 containing a real, functioning, informative and interactive resource center for people in, or looking to explore, the trades. In a modest way, Dirty Jobs has reminded people of a time when Hard Work was not seen as a thing to avoid - when craftsmanship was lauded, and Master Tradesmen were seen a role models. In a bigger way, mikeroweWORKS will function as a PR Campaign for Hard Work and Skilled Labor - a deliberate attempt to make sure the jobs we need, are jobs that people actually desire.

    Like the infrastructure, mikeroweWORKS is under construction, and always will be. Come by and check us out.
  • Mike Rowe. WOW!!!

    Mike Rowe is soooooo very funny. He always makes me laugh when i watch dirty jobs. I think dirty jobs is the best show ever on discovery. I watch it every day. There should be a dirty jobs movie. :) haha, DIRTY MOVIE, with Mike Rowe...
    Mike is so super sexy. I think he is really cute. He makes the funniest jokes an he has a great smile. I am glad that he is the host of the show, beceause nobody else would be as perfect for it as Mike. So, Mike... Keep up the good work. And make many, many more shows for us to watch. :) Love ya!!!
  • Well, if I weren't married I'd be stalking this man, he's as close to perfect as they come!

    I'm a woman and I love the show...and I don't like dirt, I just like dirty boys! This man definitely is talented in many aspects of the entertainment field, he can act, he can sing, he can pose for playgirl...in other words this man is perfect as is. I wouldn't change a hair on his head, but I certainly wouldn't mind turning it. Anyway...Mike deserves to be performing on stage, on movie screen or on television whereever he feels comfortable, and I would pay what it takes to go watch him. Like I said before...I'd follow him around the country to watch him.
  • Someone you would like to have a beer with.

    I have often heard the remark: "Who in history would you like to have dinner with?" and when asked I feel obliged to pull out the big guns and prepare a formal affair with myself, Jesus Christ, Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Gandhi and John Paul II along with Confucious just to keep it interesting. (epigrams are great conversation starters) However, a much more interesting question is whom would you like to have a beer or three with? Here you think less about what great questions you need answered but more about who would it be very cool to pass an hour or so with? Mike Rowe strikes me as someone who would be high on such a list. I dislike the phrase "man's man" quite a bit but it keeps swimming to the forefront of my mind as I write and I suppose that is what he seems to be. He sounds quite intelligent without seeming effete and yet he also seems like a guy who is unafraid of hard work or play. I think I summed it up when I told my wife recently: "I hope that Mike Rowe is as cool a guy in reality as he seems on his show". I'd be crushed if he wasn't. Meanwhile Mike call me about the beer.
  • Too Funny!

    First off, I've never seen Mike Rowe on anything before Dirty Jobs. Did he even do anything before Dirty Jobs? Who knows...I guess I could go read on him but I'm not going to. I'm only going to judge him on what I know.

    So, I think he's brillant on Dirty Jobs. He makes it exciting and, oh boy, the jokes he cracks. I can't help but laugh! Looks? Oh yes he has 'em! He's got a charming, spunkyness about him that keeps you coming back for more. As long as Dirty Jobs is on and HE is the host of the show...I'll be watching it! I'd like to see him venture out and possibly try something new...perhaps do a guest appearance on a show (if he already has, it's not a show I watch).

  • He needs another show-

    This guy is seriously funny. He's a very good looking every man. Down to earth, great sense of humor and self depricating in a charming way. And I love his voice. Ok-that was a completely immature aside. But, he's the perfect host for this show and probably another. I'd like to see him-well many places, but on television, I think Mike Rowe would be really good in a sitcom, or another reality show dealing with building things-kind of like Extreme Homemaker. It would be hilarious to see him try to hammer a nail and miss and hit his finger-he'd make even that funny.
  • mike dose this go to u

    email me i want to email u but dot know how i hope this is it. u have the best show i hate missing a show .u r one funny man .u got a gret crazy crew just like u hope to meet u 1 day . i hope u get this letter . i am from florida hope u come here some day . i am going to have my first kid i am 19 hpe u come here. come here some day please u r great man funny as sh*t sorry about that word thanks craig
  • very funny

    How many of us get the opportunity to clean up toxic bird poop, dive for golf balls in alligator-infested waters or assist in the artificial insemination of a horse? Of course, how many of us would want to? To Mike Rowe, host of the Discovery Channel series Dirty Jobs, those jobs (and more) are all part of an honest day's work. By serving as an apprentice to everyday men and women who perform the jobs no one else wants, Mike has found a hands-on way to pay tribute to a nation of unsung heroes, and get more than a few laughs along the way. Rowe is constantly putting his hands into places that are often curious, sometimes dangerous and always dirty. From roadkill-removal specialists, to bat biologists, to professionals who determine the sex of chickens, Dirty Jobs offers an illuminating look at what lies beyond the world of 9 to 5. And no one, it seems, is better suited to the role of good-natured guinea pig than Mike Rowe. This isn't the first Discovery Channel assignment for Mike. Before Dirty Jobs, Discovery sent Mike to the Valley of the Golden Mummies to host Egypt Week Live! There, he opened and explored ancient tombs live on air with Dr. Zahi Hawass, Egypt's foremost archeologist. From Egypt, Mike traveled to the Bering Sea for the filming of Deadliest Catch, the network's series on Alaskan crab fishing, a profession widely considered to be the most dangerous in the world. Now, Mike has been given his own series and free rein to explore the dirty side of earning an honest living. In cleaner days, Mike Rowe sang professionally with the Baltimore Opera, sold over $100 million of "simulated" diamonds on QVC and appeared in several dozen Tylenol commercials. He also hosted Worst Case Scenario for TBS, On-Air TV for American Airlines, The Most for The History Channel, No Relation for Fox and New York Expeditions for PBS. In San Francisco, Mike is best known for his work on CBS as the host of Evening Magazine, a position he held from 2002 to 2005. Along the way, he has narrated over 1,000 hours of television and has performed dozens of theatrical productions. If he survives dishing the dirt and scooping the slop on Dirty Jobs, he plans to take a long shower and return to the stage.
  • The man of the hour, gorgeous, entertaining, too hot for cable.

    I was doing the usual while watching your show, being charmed and entertained, taking in your hot torso, rugged gorgeous face, admiring your sarcasm and wit, when suddenly you showed up in only a towel while getting in to a mud bath. It was life changing...... even my dog passed out. The next day I called my contractor and had a Jacuzzi put in my back yard......MIke, I've got a job for you... forget the hard hats, moon suits, rubber boots, goggles, gas masks, rubber gloves, helmuts, hasmats.........I'm a down to earth kind of guy, come over and just bring your towel........
  • Mike Rowe's job is to see the life of other people's dirty jobs. Thats his!

    Mike Rowe is a great perso because he goes to messy jobs to see what it takes "to make cizilized life possible for the rest of us". Mike Rowe really gets his hands dirty to see all the things people do in there messy jobs. Mike isnt afraid to get down right dirty, and thats odd because people are too afarid to do things Mike does. An outstanding person. Mike with (and his sence of humor) goes out to see all the dirty jobs he can find out there in the big world. Just goes to show Mike could be the next king of dirty stuff. Im not sure what that means but Mike truly is above average.
  • Mike Rowe is awesome! Mike Rowe rocks! He can be a smartalick and humorous at the same time. He's great! And to have the deep voice he has to be a narrator, announcer and host and to be in the Baltimore opera. WOW!

    Mike Rowe rocks! He can be a smartalick and humorous at the same time. He's great! And to have the deep voice he has to be a narrator, announcer and host and to be in the Baltimore opera. WOW! Who would have thought we would have got another great celebrity
  • Oh wait he has one! And he is hot too!

    There are not words in the english launage to really do Mike justice. One he is extremely hot. Two he is just funny and all *%#@. His voice is sexy, I think he was the perfect narrator for shark week and on the lobster show. Great msot people don't think reality tv you need to act but really he does a great job of keep the audience with him as he does these crazy jobs. What a spot, I don't think they pay him enough to do half of what he does. I love his one liners and most of the time they of course spur of the moment. In all you can't help love this man!
  • Just started watching "Dirty Jobs" and fell in love with Mike! I never laughed so hard then watching the clips from the 100th.show! His smile & eyes got me,but his realness keeps me watching! Thanks for the laughs & eye candy!

    Just started watching Dirty Jobs, Mike and his crew are something else to say the least.
    I will say I have to turn my head on some of the stuff I'm not sure how they keep from being ill?
    The show with the Monkeys and that lady that cares for them was so funny and the one in the 100th show clip with the two gals from Furture Farmers of America where they are shaving the pigs, that out take had me rolling on the floor!!
    The looks that Mike Rowe gets on his face are priceless.
    I'm enjoying watching this show hope it stays for a while.
    Great Job! And more power to the people that do these dirty jobs on a daily bases!
  • Mike, you are truly an original. You are funny, charming, handsome, talented, manly, and most of all very REAL. The reason why we watch you over and over is because we can connect with you. We laugh with you, gag with you, and smirk with you! Great show!

    I just watched the episode set in the African bush and it was absolutely hilarious! We love your sense of humor! One of the best parts about your show is that not everyone gets your humor and that is even funnier. I truly thought you were going to get attacked by that crazy monkey Patty (who names a boy monkey "Patty" anyway-is it short for Patrick?). I was very nervous for you. I was also nervous that one of those monkeys was going to jump into your car with the open window (I have actually almost had that happen to me...not funny at all at the time). It was fun to see the rest of your crew as well during this episode, especially the bunk scene at the beginning. It looks like you have a ton of fun at your job. Although that lady taking care of the monkeys was a real piece of work, you made it so funny that we were laughing with you. I look forward to your show all the time. This one was one of my favorites. Although, a close second was the shark week episode where you tried to tag your cameraman with the shark repellant canon (very funny). Keep up the great work! It seems odd to say that though; you seem like a natural.


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  • Mike Rowe's smile and personality can make even the darkest days light. Mike can make me laugh so hard my ribs hurt just from his honest opinions, observations and facial expressions.

    I can only say good things about Mike Rowe and his crew at Dirty Jobs. The Discovery channel picked a real winner. Mike's willingness to explore and learn are clearly evident and he is always friendly and respectful of the people showing him how they do their jobs, (even if it is squeezing poo out of chick rear ends). I look forward to Tuesday nights because I know I will get the real thing, honest comedy, education and terrific entertainment. My only wish is that there were more shows. I only hope that Mike will be a bit more careful in some of his more dangerous endeavors, like swimming with sharks or blowing up coal mines. I want him around for a long time to come.
    Kelly Mock, Panama City Florida
  • I have a dirty job for Mike! OMG! He's hot! Keep up the great work Mike...just dont come near me!!!!

    Read above.... I have a dirty job for you Mike! YOU ARE HOT! Keep up the great job you are doing. I dont care how dirty you get, Mike you are still hot... delving into some animals ass, impregnating a sow, sexing a chick, I dont care babe, come home to mama, you are as hot as "HE" made 'em!
  • Host of “Dirty Jobs” on the Discovery Channel,Mike Rowe interviews and volunteers with workers, often finding himself at the mercy of these professionals while wrangling ostriches or climbing down into the bowels of hell to scrape gunk off of pipes.

    Mike has the perfect blend of humility and tongue-in-cheek humor that makes a wonderful host. Whether you’re watching Mike humiliate himself or finding humor in an otherwise horrendous situation, “Dirty Jobs” is the best way to spend the night. He possesses a dry wit that some may find offensive. Others accept this as a defense against fear induced by gigantic globs of who-knows-what that he is always neck deep in. A truly dirty boy, Mike can melt the hearts of any female viewer just glancing at the camera with his baby blues…and if his following of female fans on the Discovery website is any indication, Mike knows exactly how to turn up the heat and does so tenfold. Hopefully we’ll see more of Mr. Rowe-and not just on QVC or in voice-overs. How else can we enjoy his deep smile and those adorable crinkles in the corners of his eyes that tell us he makes a point to smile and often?
  • I hope Mike’s gay and single! What’s good for Discovery is good for me!

    I first learned about Mike Rowe when I saw “Dirty Jobs” on Discovery (one of my favorite channels) a few months ago, but I haven’t had the opportunity to watch much TV since. Aside from being very handsome, I love his sense of humor and unaffected demeanor, which seem to bring out the best in the people he interviews on camera. His voiceover work and deep, resonating voice sound great, too (has he had professional training in voiceover, or does it come naturally to him?). This weekend I’m glued to “Shark Week” on Discovery because, although I’m not sure how much creative control he has over a show he hosts, his “Dirty Jobs” twist on shark education is really clever….and he’s just so dang fine! I hope Mike’s gay and single! What’s good for Discovery is good for me! Mike….can ya hear me?
  • Whew, something about him makes me smile.

    He is absolutely gorgeous. I could watch him no matter how dirty his job was. wink wink. I know the show must have writers for the intro, and what have you, but he is so funny when he works with these random people. I'm sure not everyone appreciates his humor. It is a little contemptuous, but I think it's great, highly amusing. He has to get kicks somehow, he works hard and probably gets a little stressed out. Think about your first day on the job. Odds are you didn't walk in knowing everything about it, but after a while it was easier and you were used to it. Everyday is a first day for him, at least he doesn't have to go back the next day, ha ha. By the way, I saw an episode involving volcano ash and a mud bath, that is one sexy guy, he must work hard and work out.
  • An excellent reality show TV host and narrator.

    Whenever Mike Rowe is hosting his own Discovery Show, Dirty Jobs, were the person can see the face that is behind the solemn voice that narrates another Discovery Show, Deadliest Catch. One can’t help the fact that Discovery has captured lighten in the bottle, not once, when they got him to replace Thom Beers, whom is the producer of the show, as the narrator for Deadliest Catch, but twice when they got him to host his own show, Dirty Jobs.

    While in Deadliest Catch, Mike has stick with a script that is written for him, that does not allow him much room to do make up things off the top of his head. But with his other show, Mike is pretty much given free reign with this show, as long as he attempts to the jobs that are featured in an episode. This allows Mike to showcase his humor, which I have to said is pretty dang funny and give the impression that he the every day person whom is dropped into the middle of something that they have no clue what the heck they got themselves into.
  • Wonderful!

    Mike is a great host on a really great show! Mike is funny, charming, lovable and whitty! My son and I have watched every episode of Dirty Jobs! It\'s a cool show... but Mike makes it that much better. I don\'t think that the show would be as good without him.
  • The best reality host ever!

    Handsome, hilarious, and charismatic, Mike Rowe is the best reality show host ever to have stalked the waves. On Dirty Jobs, he strives to show us the people who do disgusting things everyday to keep us living in a civilized society. He does their job with them for a day, using his on special sense of self-deprecating humor and wit. Always friendly and willing to do ANYTHING for a laugh, he is the best personality on television, topping even Phil Keoghan of "The Amazing Race." Mike keeps us all entertained and humble on a weekly basis and we should all thank him for it.
  • A man that has never really done a hard days labor in his life, gets to host a show where actual hard workers get made fun of by him.

    Mike Rowe always is trying to make jokes and fun of people on the show. The jokes never work and most of these individuals are smarter than he is, even though they don't have much schooling. Dirty Jobs needs to get a host that has some sort of talent and has actually done hard labor in their life.
  • Mike Rowe shouldn't just host a show, he should have his own!

    Mike Rowe looks serious but he has a sense of humor. He's a great host. He's a serious guy. Miike Rowe is a great host on those shows like "Worst Case Scenario" which really adds a serious point in the show. He should have his own show like a sitcom or something like that.

    Long Live Mike Rowe!!!