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  • Host of “Dirty Jobs” on the Discovery Channel,Mike Rowe interviews and volunteers with workers, often finding himself at the mercy of these professionals while wrangling ostriches or climbing down into the bowels of hell to scrape gunk off of pipes.

    Mike has the perfect blend of humility and tongue-in-cheek humor that makes a wonderful host. Whether you’re watching Mike humiliate himself or finding humor in an otherwise horrendous situation, “Dirty Jobs” is the best way to spend the night. He possesses a dry wit that some may find offensive. Others accept this as a defense against fear induced by gigantic globs of who-knows-what that he is always neck deep in. A truly dirty boy, Mike can melt the hearts of any female viewer just glancing at the camera with his baby blues…and if his following of female fans on the Discovery website is any indication, Mike knows exactly how to turn up the heat and does so tenfold. Hopefully we’ll see more of Mr. Rowe-and not just on QVC or in voice-overs. How else can we enjoy his deep smile and those adorable crinkles in the corners of his eyes that tell us he makes a point to smile and often?