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  • An excellent reality show TV host and narrator.

    Whenever Mike Rowe is hosting his own Discovery Show, Dirty Jobs, were the person can see the face that is behind the solemn voice that narrates another Discovery Show, Deadliest Catch. One can’t help the fact that Discovery has captured lighten in the bottle, not once, when they got him to replace Thom Beers, whom is the producer of the show, as the narrator for Deadliest Catch, but twice when they got him to host his own show, Dirty Jobs.

    While in Deadliest Catch, Mike has stick with a script that is written for him, that does not allow him much room to do make up things off the top of his head. But with his other show, Mike is pretty much given free reign with this show, as long as he attempts to the jobs that are featured in an episode. This allows Mike to showcase his humor, which I have to said is pretty dang funny and give the impression that he the every day person whom is dropped into the middle of something that they have no clue what the heck they got themselves into.