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  • Whew, something about him makes me smile.

    He is absolutely gorgeous. I could watch him no matter how dirty his job was. wink wink. I know the show must have writers for the intro, and what have you, but he is so funny when he works with these random people. I'm sure not everyone appreciates his humor. It is a little contemptuous, but I think it's great, highly amusing. He has to get kicks somehow, he works hard and probably gets a little stressed out. Think about your first day on the job. Odds are you didn't walk in knowing everything about it, but after a while it was easier and you were used to it. Everyday is a first day for him, at least he doesn't have to go back the next day, ha ha. By the way, I saw an episode involving volcano ash and a mud bath, that is one sexy guy, he must work hard and work out.