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  • Mike Rowe's smile and personality can make even the darkest days light. Mike can make me laugh so hard my ribs hurt just from his honest opinions, observations and facial expressions.

    I can only say good things about Mike Rowe and his crew at Dirty Jobs. The Discovery channel picked a real winner. Mike's willingness to explore and learn are clearly evident and he is always friendly and respectful of the people showing him how they do their jobs, (even if it is squeezing poo out of chick rear ends). I look forward to Tuesday nights because I know I will get the real thing, honest comedy, education and terrific entertainment. My only wish is that there were more shows. I only hope that Mike will be a bit more careful in some of his more dangerous endeavors, like swimming with sharks or blowing up coal mines. I want him around for a long time to come.
    Kelly Mock, Panama City Florida