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  • Mike, you are truly an original. You are funny, charming, handsome, talented, manly, and most of all very REAL. The reason why we watch you over and over is because we can connect with you. We laugh with you, gag with you, and smirk with you! Great show!

    I just watched the episode set in the African bush and it was absolutely hilarious! We love your sense of humor! One of the best parts about your show is that not everyone gets your humor and that is even funnier. I truly thought you were going to get attacked by that crazy monkey Patty (who names a boy monkey "Patty" anyway-is it short for Patrick?). I was very nervous for you. I was also nervous that one of those monkeys was going to jump into your car with the open window (I have actually almost had that happen to me...not funny at all at the time). It was fun to see the rest of your crew as well during this episode, especially the bunk scene at the beginning. It looks like you have a ton of fun at your job. Although that lady taking care of the monkeys was a real piece of work, you made it so funny that we were laughing with you. I look forward to your show all the time. This one was one of my favorites. Although, a close second was the shark week episode where you tried to tag your cameraman with the shark repellant canon (very funny). Keep up the great work! It seems odd to say that though; you seem like a natural.