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  • Just started watching "Dirty Jobs" and fell in love with Mike! I never laughed so hard then watching the clips from the 100th.show! His smile & eyes got me,but his realness keeps me watching! Thanks for the laughs & eye candy!

    Just started watching Dirty Jobs, Mike and his crew are something else to say the least.
    I will say I have to turn my head on some of the stuff I'm not sure how they keep from being ill?
    The show with the Monkeys and that lady that cares for them was so funny and the one in the 100th show clip with the two gals from Furture Farmers of America where they are shaving the pigs, that out take had me rolling on the floor!!
    The looks that Mike Rowe gets on his face are priceless.
    I'm enjoying watching this show hope it stays for a while.
    Great Job! And more power to the people that do these dirty jobs on a daily bases!