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  • Someone you would like to have a beer with.

    I have often heard the remark: "Who in history would you like to have dinner with?" and when asked I feel obliged to pull out the big guns and prepare a formal affair with myself, Jesus Christ, Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Gandhi and John Paul II along with Confucious just to keep it interesting. (epigrams are great conversation starters) However, a much more interesting question is whom would you like to have a beer or three with? Here you think less about what great questions you need answered but more about who would it be very cool to pass an hour or so with? Mike Rowe strikes me as someone who would be high on such a list. I dislike the phrase "man's man" quite a bit but it keeps swimming to the forefront of my mind as I write and I suppose that is what he seems to be. He sounds quite intelligent without seeming effete and yet he also seems like a guy who is unafraid of hard work or play. I think I summed it up when I told my wife recently: "I hope that Mike Rowe is as cool a guy in reality as he seems on his show". I'd be crushed if he wasn't. Meanwhile Mike call me about the beer.