Mike Shanahan

Mike Shanahan


8/24/1952, Oak Park, Illinois, USA

Birth Name

Michael Edward Shanahan


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Mike Shanahan was born in August of 1952. He has loved football all of his life, playing in high school and college. The only reason he quit playing was because of a game-related injury he sustained in a college game. He went on the coach college football until…more


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    • Shanahan: (On his coaching technique) I am always pushing them to believe. To do something special.

    • (In a press conference after Denver Bronco Defensive Cornerback, Darrent Williams, was shot and killed New Year's Day in 2007.)
      Shanahan: You never know why God takes someone, but I'll say this, He got...(pauses to compose himself)...someone very special in Darrent.

    • Shanahan: It takes a great athlete and a very mature athlete to play as a rookie in the NFL.

    • Shanahan: The one thing we have in our division is everybody tries to get better. We've got ownership throughout the division where teams are looking to improve...If you're not improving in our division, chances are you're not going to win.