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  • H's a great boxer and probably the most feared.

    Let's see if I was put in a match against Tyson how long do you think I would last I would probably last 0.00000001 seconds. This guy is one of the best boxers having won almost every single match he's been in. He's probably gonna be remembered for that tattoo on his face and for biting a boxer's ear off. This dude I repeat this dude is crazy! But still for some reason I like this guy. He made a name for himself in boxing plus I saw his matches when he boxed for bills and charity. Mike Tyson is cool!
  • He's aggressive, powerful and number 1.

    Mike Tyson, It's obvious that he was the best heavyweight boxer of the late 80's - early 90's.
    No one could match his concusive power and fast hand speed, with both hands. He was probably the most feared man in the ring in boxing history.

    The great thing about Mike Tyson is that he didn't come from a nice neighbourhood or rich family.
    He was a nobody and made it to being world-wide famous-heavyweight champion of the world.
    Now that's some feat for someone to accomplise.

    Sure, he has been beat only a few times, but it's just bad luck on a bad day.
    In a good mood, Tyson could beat anyone.
    Including possibly Muhammad Ali, But that's one of those million dollar questions: "Who would win a fight between Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali" - I don't know for sure and neither do you.

    Sure, he was an aggressive fighter with a bad attitude, but that's the way about it for powerfull boxers. Muscle over mind for those kind of champions.. Not the otherway about, as we seen from such champions as Muhammad Ali.

    So, To round it off - Mike Tyson was a great heavyweight boxer, not saying he was the best, but you can deny that he was a great champ.

    - KraigA
  • The best ever is Tyson.

    This is a man who is all class. He is very misunderstood. He is the greatest fighter there ever will be. He does what he is supposed to do. Entertain the public and nobody does it better. People think he is crazy but people dont look deeper to see a genius at work. He is a man who knows how to sell pay per views. His fights are legendary and his interviews are better. He will never be forgotten and that says something about him. Tyson could beat anyone in his prime. In closing how would I describe Tyson in one word. Class.