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    • Mike: It's been a really good summer. Being out on the road, playing music. You can't beat that.

    • Mike: I've taken contest runs where I don't even skateboard. I just throw my skateboard around the street course just for fun, For just pure self expression. You can't beat that!

    • Mike: Most professionals today have some sort of guaranteed salary and a royalty above and beyond that salary if their sales go that high.

    • Mike: I was the first professional skateboarder to ever get paid a salary by a board company.

    • Mike: People that consider themselves so hardcore. I get a lot of grief because I'm such an easy target.

    • Mike: Best city so far…I'm claiming today, even though it hasn't happened yet. I really felt, as this tour has been going on, that Seattle would be THE demo of the tour, and I might be wrong. We could get in there and there could be no energy, the crowd might not be into it, the skaters could just blow it - but for me, I've been looking forward to this one.

    • Mike: The motivation is conquering fears and conquering any obstacle that's in my way. For me it always when I make that big trick and I go through that process of slamming 20 or 30 times before I pull something it's like this life lesson reaffirmed over and over. And that lesson is, If you don't quit you'll eventually succeed.

    • Mike: I feel motivated to try crazy stuff when I'm skating and there is an audience. Whether its an audience of cameras or video recorders or an audience of spectators at a demo, usually its spectator…it's the kids that get me motivated to push the envelope.

    • Mike: I grew up with the mentality that I have to eat everything that's on my plate. And I've carried that into my adulthood. So if I come over to the Greenwood house for dinner and your serving something I would not particularly care for I will eat it.

    • Mike: Every time I do skate there is always something new happening, there's always some sort of learning process going on. There's always some addition to something I already do or a whole new maneuver. That usually happens rather spontaneously, it's not something that is premeditated.

    • Mike: I was upset but I kind went into it knowing it would fail. I really didn't have any options at the time. I had to leave Powell, I had no choice I had to get the hell out of there.