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    • Mike: (On his acting teacher Lynette Sheldon) She's the greatest! Lynette is a miracle-worker - she accomplishes more in one month than most teachers do in years! She makes you strong - and she's tough in a good way.

    • Mike: [On his most challenging scene in Poseidon] All the water stuff was pretty wild. They had a 40-foot-deep water tank and wave makers that made five-to six-foot swells. And we have several scenes where I'm swimming through an underwater hallway. I had the wonderful pleasure of swimming this entire corridor with the little kid in the movie on my back.

    • Mike: [On his death scene in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre] In my death scene, I'm kind of hanging a bit. I was hanging for hours on end, about five hours at a time from a waist harness. When I would come off the harness, I couldn't walk. My legs were numb and black & blue. They'd have to massage the blood back into my lower extremities so that I could walk again and stand. It was a pretty painful time.