Mike Wallace

Mike Wallace


5/9/1918, Brookline, Massachusetts, USA



Birth Name

Myron Leon Wallace



Also Known As

Myron Wallace, Mr. Mike Wallace
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  • Why?

    Mike Wallce must think he is something. He has to be on something because the things he says and stands for is utter B.S.! His little smirk is what takes the cake. I loved it when Bill Clinton put that weezel Mike Wallace in his place. All you have to do is fight fire with fire. Fox is notorious for taking cheap shots so why not fight back against the cowards of Fox News? Mike Wallce and Fox News represent everything that isn't America. I am not talking about the rich. I am referring to the hard working Americans who make these jokes at Fox News look like morons and hypocrites. Thank you.moreless
  • I think there are alot of people in the media who made a big name for themselves and just go on that even though they aren't good at all anymore.

    I think Mike Wallace is one of those people. He obviously showed last week, that he can't do a story without tabloid journalism and attacks. Just look at his creditsfrom Massachusetts, most likely a liberal, on Colbet show who is a liberal, on Murhphy Browns which was a generally liberal show. I think his trying to damage Bill O'reilly made him look bad. It's not just politics you shouldn't be on TV reporting if you only have your interests in mind and not the interests of the whole country, you also should being trying to persuade or coerce the country in believing your intersts are the correct ones through agenda setting or bias. He should retire because he doesn't have what it takes, the only people who like him are people that just want to here there opinion is right, but is it really correct, or is he just persuading people to think it's correct. There is too much opinon, and not enough fact in the media that it is kind of sad, because people take what they say as truth and fact.moreless