Mikey Day

Mikey Day


3/20/1980, Orange County, California, USA

Birth Name

Michael William Day


  • Mikey Day on The Jay Leno Show.
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In 2002 Mikey graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor's degree in Theatre. He was a student at Groundlings school and a member of the school's improv troupe in Los Angeles. He performed at the ImprovOlympic in Hollywood for three months. Day made a guest appearance on The WB's…more


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  • I love Mikey.

    Mikey is one of my favorite cast members on Wild 'N Out. He is also the only reason why I watch the show. If he was not on it, when I probably would not waste my time watching it. It would be very boring without him. I pesonally think that Mikey is hilarious. Obviously so do other people, because his team on Wild 'N Out almost always wins the belt. He always has great punch lines and he always make every one in the audience laugh. I wish Mikey was a bigger star, because I think he is very talented.moreless
  • Mikey Day is a main character on Nick Cannon's, Wild 'N Out. And featured on Angels and MTV's Fake Out.

    Mikey Day is mostly seen on Nick Cannon\'s show, Wild \'N Out, He was also seen on Angels and MTV\'s Fake Out. He is known for being hilarious and hot. And his catch phrase is, \"Ayo Spanky,Ayo Spanky,Ayo Spanky.\" Or whatever name he\'s competing with in the bonus round, Wildstyle, on Wild \'N Out. Most of you think he is witty,funny, and some guy on TV.But did you ever think he is something more?I don\'t know that much about Mikey. All I know is that he\'s a main charactor on Nick Cannon\'s Wild \'N Out. So if you have any information on Mikey Day, please tell me.Also if you have a disagreement about what I wrote tell me what\'s on your mind.moreless