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  • I love Mikey.

    Mikey is one of my favorite cast members on Wild 'N Out. He is also the only reason why I watch the show. If he was not on it, when I probably would not waste my time watching it. It would be very boring without him. I pesonally think that Mikey is hilarious. Obviously so do other people, because his team on Wild 'N Out almost always wins the belt. He always has great punch lines and he always make every one in the audience laugh. I wish Mikey was a bigger star, because I think he is very talented.
  • Mikey Day is a main character on Nick Cannon's, Wild 'N Out. And featured on Angels and MTV's Fake Out.

    Mikey Day is mostly seen on Nick Cannon\'s show, Wild \'N Out, He was also seen on Angels and MTV\'s Fake Out. He is known for being hilarious and hot. And his catch phrase is, \"Ayo Spanky,Ayo Spanky,Ayo Spanky.\" Or whatever name he\'s competing with in the bonus round, Wildstyle, on Wild \'N Out. Most of you think he is witty,funny, and some guy on TV.But did you ever think he is something more?I don\'t know that much about Mikey. All I know is that he\'s a main charactor on Nick Cannon\'s Wild \'N Out. So if you have any information on Mikey Day, please tell me.Also if you have a disagreement about what I wrote tell me what\'s on your mind.
  • He is personally my favorite cast member on Wild\\\'n out! I love him and he is sooooo cute!!!!

    He is personally my favorite cast member on Wild\\\'n out! I love him and he is sooooo cute!!!! I absolutely love everything about him!! He is so funny and he has a lot of great things about him! He uses a lot of great punch lines on the show. I don\\\'t know what else to put up here i mean hello all i wanted to do was leave a thingy thing. so i am just gonna but a lot of words to make up 1 0 0 words. so blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
  • I Love Mikey Day so much. He is beyond talented & so hot!!!

    I love Mikey Day He is the hottest guy in the world & he is funny. I love him on Wild 'n out!!! I wish he was a bigger star because he is so so awesome!! He is the only reason I watch Wild 'n out... I love him so so much.
  • Mikey Day on Wild N Out

    MIKEY DAY is the shit!! On Wild N Out he's so hillarious, and he's fricken hot!!! And he can rap(well on Wild n out he can!)I hope he's on a lot more episodes! He looks almost exactly like this guy from my school...which is kinda creepy.He's the only white guy that I like on Wild N Out!

    Well I am bored and it's late so I thought I would write a review for my dear friend Mikey. Who used to hang out at my house and play video games. Been watching him on Wild-n-out. Getting more impressed each week. I like the show can't wait to see the next adventure!