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  • Mikey Day is a main character on Nick Cannon's, Wild 'N Out. And featured on Angels and MTV's Fake Out.

    Mikey Day is mostly seen on Nick Cannon\'s show, Wild \'N Out, He was also seen on Angels and MTV\'s Fake Out. He is known for being hilarious and hot. And his catch phrase is, \"Ayo Spanky,Ayo Spanky,Ayo Spanky.\" Or whatever name he\'s competing with in the bonus round, Wildstyle, on Wild \'N Out. Most of you think he is witty,funny, and some guy on TV.But did you ever think he is something more?I don\'t know that much about Mikey. All I know is that he\'s a main charactor on Nick Cannon\'s Wild \'N Out. So if you have any information on Mikey Day, please tell me.Also if you have a disagreement about what I wrote tell me what\'s on your mind.