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  • Great.

    Good actress. Beautifull.
  • yum yum yum

    Here's a prime example of someone who I can watch in mute and still be satisfied.It's an absolute bonus to be able to both watch and listen and enjoy her even more.
  • Funny and wild

    I know her best from the 70's show. She played her role very well as I remember... young, crazy, fashionable, mysterious, overly dramatic, and she managed to do all that with a smile on her face. She is great! I'll admit, at first I didn't like her, but the more she made me laugh, the more I've come to adore her. What a character she is!
  • Not only is she extremely hot,but she is funny as well


    Mila Kunis is another female actress who is actually funny and hot as well. She,I think,started in That 70's Show,and while I was never really a fan of this show,she was funny in there. Then,she was in Family Guy,being the new voice of Meg. And while I hate Family Guy these days,she is actually doing a great job as Meg,and is voicing the only good character of the show. Not only is she a tv actress,she is also a movie actress in such movies as Max Payne(heard it was terrible) and The Book of Eli. And I enjoyed her in Date Night,and she looks great in Friends with Benefits. But she is also hot in many ways. Forget Olivia Wilde,Mila is the hottest of the summer. Overall,Mila Kunis is like one of the best actresses,and is one of the hottest ones as well.

  • Mila Kunis is a more-than-decent actress, and her looks are amazing.

    Mila Kunis played as the little snobby rich girl, Jackie Burkhart in my favorite television series, That '70s Show. She was probably my least favorite character on the show, but just because of her character's personality. She was still a pretty good actress, although I could tell that she couldn't always keep a straight face in the episodes in situations that weren't really meant to be laughing situations. But she was still a good actress, and her looks (minus the fact she was short; but she was the youngest one on the show) made her idolized by guys across the nation, and probably some guys from her home nation of Ukraine. And I have to say, if Mila Kunis was a good representative of how all Ukraine look like, then maybe I should go to the Ukraine sometime! Hopefully, a lot of them would be taller, though. Anyhow, I also saw Mila's performance in the movie, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Her acting in that movie was just amazing, although it was kind of creepy how her, like 22-25, was hooking up with Vince Vaughn's character. Don't get me wrong, Vaughn is another great actor that I like a lot, but he's turning 40 in 2010, and you could tell that there was a huge age difference from their appearances. Besides that, the movie was great. And Mila overall: fantastic.
  • As everyone else says, young, beautiful, talented, hot, and sexy baby!!

    Mila Kunis is as stated in the summary a young, beautiful, talented actress, who is also hot and sexy... baby. In fact, she is one of the most, or practically "THE" most, attractive, beautiful and talented actress in the business. She was magnificient as Jackie Burkhart on "That 70's Show", and she is great as Meg Griffin on "Family Guy".

    But the thing is, she's just, I mean, we don't really see her in a lot of stuff y'know? Mostly we see her on reruns of "That 70's Show" and hear her in adult oriented cartoons like "Family Guy" and "Robot Chicken" sometimes. We would like to see her in more things like guest starring on TV shows and/or movies and stuff like that. And I'm sure that we like to hear her voice as much as we like to actually see her, if you know what I mean.

    Bottom line, Mila is extremely beautiful and very talented and we all love her soooooooo much.
  • Very beautiful and talented, Mila Kunis will go very far.

    Mila is a hot, talented actress who has not lost her head throughout her teenage years and still hasn't lost it in her young years, like britney spears or lindsay lohan. Mila is very pretty, has an amazing voice (thats the reason why I started watching family guy) and her new roles like in Extract and Book of eli will be amazing. In her movie FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL, she looks very hot, and her role was great too. One thing that is good about Mila's acting is how her personality changes proffesionally with each role she has. She has gotten so amazing at acting, and I am not surprised if she is one of the first choices when u type M in google in the near future. YOU ROCK MILA!!!!
  • Most beautiful girl on Hollywood!

    She is cute, gorgeous , talented and a great actress. She has the most stunning eyes ( actually different colour each one ) and an incredible smile. I loved her in Max Payne in a kind of dark and haunted character which she played brillianty. She was absolutely fantastic and completely adorable in " Forgetting Sarah Marshall " as a beauiful , independent , funny hotel recepsionist in Hawaii. I also watched " Moving Mc Allister " and I loved the free spirit and the positive side of the character she played. Beside she gives the voice for Meg Griffin in Family Guy which one of my favourite shows so we can see that she has a funny side too. I have to say I never watched "That 70's show " but every now and then when I catch an episode on Tv I watch it just to see Mila.
  • She is HOT, and super- talented.

    Jackie Burkhardt on That '70s Show, Meg Griffin on Family Guy. Two hit shows that Mila landed great roles with. But, she can be used so much more than she has been. She can really get into her roles, and she has a great voice got television. I'm really hoping she'll pop up more on TV and on the big screen in the near and very distant future. She will always be known as Jackie and as Meg, but maybe she can overcome that challenge. She's familiar, sometimes, that can be a problem, maybe a handicap in the career, but, she can use it as a tool, she can make it her secret weapon. She just needs more comedy, and less drama in the future.
  • Soooo CUTE!!!

    In additon to being an extrodinarily beutifull woman, she has done an absolutely remarkable job in making me sympathize with the character Meg Griffin on "Family Guy". She does a wonderfull job at characterizing Meg Griffin's tantrums upon being subjected to the occational outrages foisted upon her by Peter and other family members.I actually wind up feeling quite sorry for Meg, and wish I could be there to provide a shoulder for her to cry on ...especially after Peter has been such an incredible dink to her, poor girl. I've known a few real life Meg's in my time as a cab driver, and have done my part in talking them down off of the ceiling when the situation requires. It takes talent to generate that kind of viewer a CARTOON character of all things. I'd very much like to see Mila starring in bigger and better things in the years to come!
  • A sexy, smart, beautiful young actress who needs to be in more. I could see her become a starlet soon!

    Mila Kunis is actually a terrific actress, on top of being beautiful, smart, and funny. She kind of reminds me of my sister's best friend. Almost the girl next door kind of type. Simple, smart, sexy, very down to earth. I bet she would be awesome to sit down with and have a drink with. In that 70's show she played Jackie and I loved her character. She was the good looking chick, always needing attention, some might say self loathing. But I tell you what, when you look like that, you can have all my attention you need honey! :P She also does the voice for a character named Meg on the show Family Guy. Personally her voice fits perfect for the character there portraying in that show in my opinion, here's to hoping she goes far in Hollyweird! :)
  • S H E I S S O H O T ! ! !

    This is my second wife to be, only loosing to Jessica Alba. Not only was she extremely hot on That 70's Show she was funny too. Especially when she got older in the show. On the show she was quite mean, but she made up with it by her looks.

    S H E I S O N E O F T H E H O T T E S T W O M A N E V E R. Just like Alba ya can't get enough of her . . . . . . . . . . . . !
  • I love Mila, she is so brilliant as Jackie in That '70s Show. I love her character so much.

    I haven't seen her in much else but I love Mila, she is so brilliant as Jackie in That '70s Show. I love her character so much. One of my favourites. Although, I haven't seen her in much else. She is very amazing and talented at playing Jackie it really makes you believe that's how she really is. She also very beautiful. I wouldn't like to she her in another roles, I guess I'm going to have to see what else to has done. I would watch Family Guy but I'm not a big fan animation. She should be much more well known. I love her!
  • She is on That 70s Show and Family Guy. What more could you ask for?

    Mila is an very talented actress and voice actress. She definently played the spoiled brat Jackie part well on That 70s Show. And she has been playing Meg on Family Guy, one of my all time favorite shows. At first I thought she was going to play a spoiled, but also boring annoying girly-girl character on 70s show. Boy was I wrong! Then she came out with this evil mean girl side. She definently showed she can take control over her character on 70s show. As for Meg on Family Guy, she does an amazing job. Mila did very well by getting 2 roles on some of t.v's biggest shows.
  • Mila is a young attractive actress, she was in that 70's show and Family Guy.

    Mila is a very attracted, she is a skinny black haired girl with a okay rack and a very nice ass. She has her funny moments in 70's show but she is not funny in Family Guy though even though Family Guy is a better show than 70's show. In 70's she acts like the hottest girl in the world and treats everyone like crap. She acts so sexy when she bosses everyone around. She takes force like no other and looks great doing it. In Family Guy she is the ugly girl at school that no one likes. All she does is complain in Family Guy. So Mila you were so much better in 70's show.
  • Talented!

    Mila Kunis is very very talented. She is probably most remembered for her role as Jackie Burkhart on That '70s Show. I thought she did a wonderful job on the show. She's a very good actress. I think it's really cool that she was only fourteen when she started on That '70s Show. That just proves what a great actress she is. She is a very beautiful girl too. She has both talent and beauty. She also has brains. She's a very smart person. Hopefully we'll be seeing her in more movies and tv shows soon. But I'll always remember her as Jackie.
  • empty

    Mila Kunis is a really talented and pretty actress. She has appear in a number of roles that are very well done and played, for example Jackie in That 70's Show and Meg Griffin in Family Guy. She is just simply awesome, I like her style and I like the way she acts, she is simply one great actress that I admire.
  • She's attractive and has a really funny side/voice

    Mila Kunis seems to me to be the perfect person to have a cartoon dub her voice-Jackie's voice was so annoying (or, really Jackie was annoying) on That 70's Show, but she was a funny character. She's very pretty-and it's amazing that she's not originally from America-she's such a Valley girl type on most of her shows.
  • She is hot obviously, but she seems very smart too, you don't usually see that combo in Hollywood

    She is great, she is a good actress, and of course she is hot as stated above. I hope she is in more TV show and movies. I swear I never watch the View, but I saw her on there so I watched, and they were talking about all of these actors/actresses who promote causes and things like that. The "ladies" on the view of course were all for these actresses/actors using their fame to promote their causes, but Mila Kunis, was like they should do it if they don't know what they are talking about, and she is right. I totally respect that. She seems down to earth and not like these typical hollywood actors/actresses. I think that is one appealing thing about her, 3rd to being a good actress, and being hot.
  • Mila is a great actress, and a voice actress!

    Mila Kunis is such a beautiful actress! Her preformance on That 70s Show is great, I love how she is so mean on the show! I also saw her in otehr movies, and I love how they are all different form Jackie on That 70s Show! Her voice acting on Family Guy is good too. It's great how different her characters that she plays are differnt from each other! I hope that she will stay in Hollywood!
  • Mila Kunis.. my all time favorite from That '70s show.

    I remember the first time watching That '70s show, and thinking.. wow, that girl really is a spoiled brat. But then as I kept watching I realized how hard it must have been for her to be so serious and spoiled. She truly is a great actress. I watched some interviews with her, and those revealed how funny and down-to-earth she is, she has a great personality, too. I also loved her in Family guy where she is the voice of the unloved and weird Meg. She just adds so much to that character. Can't wait to see what else she will come up with!
  • One Word: Beautiful

    Mila Kunis has got to be one of the hottest actresses I had ever seen! To think that she made her big break on \"70s\" was amazing... and to also think that she started at the age of 14 (lying about her age... tsk tsk). Anyways, Mila needs to show her awesome acting more and more... she can really go places!
  • beauty and talent

    mila kunis is 1 of my favorite actresses. she is very pretty and she is talented. she should be a bigger star. i love jackie in that 70s show but hated that she ended up with fez, she should have ended up with hyde. i think her and danny masterson look good together and she should be with him instead of culkin cause she is to good for him. she takes good pictures and seems like a good person. i would love to meet her someday. she should get another show on tv. she needs to be a bigger star and get more recognition.
  • Mila Kunis...the ever so memorable and outstanding actress we can never forget!

    Mila Kunis is memorable not only for her acting but for her way on the "spotlight." She has stared and gueststarred in many shows and has won many hearts. I happen to like her and she happens to be my favorite character in almost everything. She's spunky,fun, and a drama queen. I just think shes awesome. I love to see her in That 70's Show and I hope to see her even more. She needs to be a bigger star and in more movies and shows. She can and is sometimes hilrious and funny! She also is very good looking and fun!

    Anyway, I love you Mila Kunis!
  • Mila Kunis is an actress, probably best known as Jackie on That 70s Show and Meg Griffin from Family Guy.

    She's okay, I guess. I haven't watched her act that much, so I don't really know a whole lot to say about her, but she is pretty hot, I'll admit. She was good as Jackie on That 70s Show, dumping Kelso and being a complainer from time to time. And I like her voice as Meg Griffin on Family Guy. Meg looks kind of cute (she's a cartoon, I know), so Mila's voice goes along well with that. But that's all I know about her, really, so I don't have a definite standpoint on her. She doesn't seem horrible nor sensational (but that's just 'cause I haven't seen much of her) but maybe if I see more of her, I'll have a stronger viewpoint on her.
  • Wow

    I absolutely LOVE Miila Kunis. She is Ukrainian and beautiful and very sexy. She is a great actress and great voice actress.

    I have a huge crush on her and love her character in That 70s Show. When she started on That 70s Show she was only 14 and ended being 22. She does a good job playing somebody from the 70s. A lot of people say she is a bi tch on That 70s Show but that makes me like her even more.

    She has been the voice of Meg, The daughter of Peter Griffin on Family Guy for awhile
  • Hopefully she will be back

    Mila Kunis was a great find for the role of ' Jackie ' on ' That 70's show ' and ' Meg ' on ' Family Guy '. hopefully now that 'That &0's show ' show has ended she will find her way to another series as she is a terrific actress who I think is being overlooked by the movie industry. If Topher Grace can get himself a movie deal, why not Mila?
    Hopefully Hollywood will take notice of Mila's talent and cast her in another show but maybe this time something a little more serious as I believe she has the talent to pull of something more dramatic.
  • She is really beautiful and she does great work.

    I love her work on That '70s Show but I don't watch Family Guy because I don't like cartoons. When she first got the part on That '70s Show she lied about her age which shows that she really wants to be a good actress no matter what she has to do. She does alot of low budget films for not that well known directors and she does alot at the Sundance Film Festival. She is a really private person which makes her do better work so people don't judge her on her lifestyle but by her work which is the way it should be for everyone.
  • Mila Kunis is so pretty and a really good actress.

    Mila Kunis is really pretty. and she is a good actress on family guy and thats 70's show. I just think that she should
    do more. And be given the credit she diserves. I really think that who ever is a actore should be given the credit they diserve for the work they put into it. Again she is a really good actress
  • Great star, great person.

    Mila Kunis is a very good actress, she is one of the best actresses I have ever seen. She is very pretty, she is very talented, and she appears greatly on That 70's show, but it is even better in Family Guy where she does the role of the unloved and different exile sister, Meg, which no ones likes and I like all what she has done. Surely, she has a great career above.
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