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Milburn Stone


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  • Old codger:

    Brian Keith must have studied Milburn Stone's method of acting: Rub your face a lot.-- I've always wondered if this was a manifestation of a drinking problem. Anyhoo, Milburn was a fine actor and exceptionally well cast member of the Gunsmoke series. He consistently underplayed his role, which I always find admirable. He and Matt, Kitty, Chester, Quint, and Festus made one fine ensemble.

    I don't know how the above "Riding the Family Name" came about, but maybe Milburn was related to John or John Quincy Adams. Surely not Nick Adams!!!

    Years ago on the Glen Campbell Show, Milburn, Festus, and Glen sang in three-part harmony the songs of the Sons of the Pioneers such as Tumblin' Tumbleweeds. Sounded like the originals. I believe Ken was a former members of the Sons.