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    • Milena: When it became official that NBC was not going to renew "Conviction," they had apparently been thrilled with my work, and I got a phone call the next day, saying, 'We're not letting you go anywhere.

    • Milena: I'm filling big shoes. I'm going to be working with people who have been doing this for years, like Sam Waterston, Epatha and even Jesse has been on the show (Law & Order) for seven years now. I'm going to be getting more osmosis training. It's going to bring my own skills up.

    • Milena: (about moving from the cancelled "Conviction" to the original "Law & Order") They were like, 'Don't worry, we're going to find something else for you. We want you to stay on our team.' As an actor, that's the kind of affirmation you dream of."

    • Milena: When you come to New York, you need to come prepared. Don't expect to learn along the way.

    • Milena: At UCO, I learned to cultivate many different areas at the same time. I studied with many of the music faculty and I was allowed to enroll in dance classes even though I wasn't a dance major. That helped me tremendously.

    • Milena: I sing. I play instruments. I never dreamed I would be going to my Uncle Jerry and my Cousin Blake (both police officers) for coaching.