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  • Young, but seemingly talented

    I think Miles Williams is an adorable little kid. He is currently on recurring status on Guiding Light. He plays Roger Joshua a.k.a "RJ" Winslow. Williams does have talent. However, the writers of Guiding Light have not given him much Material to work with. Williams is just starting in his craft. The interesting thing about Williams is his expressions can be off, but there is something very appealing about him. Also, a lot of child actors try to go over the top in a scene. They increase their voice volume where it is unneeded. Williams just seems to handle it naturally. He doesn't try to seem like a 40-year-old midget. He just comes across as a normal little boy . While some people find him annoying. I find him refreshing and talented. I hope to see him in other endeavors. I really like him.