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  • My thoughts on her are just like my thought on SpongeBob!

    The reason I say this is because I like new Miley Cyrus just like how I like new SpongeBob. People say that Ms. Cyrus has become a twerk, which is true, but think about celebrities like Lady Gaga and Nikki Minaj . They are slutty in their music videos and nobody seems to have a problem with that. I do agree that Ms. Cyrus does need help, as she now does drugs and goes a little bit over the top with trying to get rid of her innocent Hannah Montana image. I do like her songs and her new haircut though. Overall, I think that Ms. Miley Cyrus is underrated.
  • She just went worse in 2013.

    Now she's a complete poop eater. I wish she was never born!
  • Fame Whore.

    Miley, go back to your old self you were young and pretty now you dress up like a stripper and twerk. Stop Od'ing (Overdosing) and grow up!
  • Terrible, just terrible.

    I'll admit I can't really find a lot to hate about Hannah Montana, but the way she is now? She is horrible, can't sing, and just needs to stop.

    What's worse is that younger kids are being attracted to this, her "twerking" and doing it for the attention.

    Horrible role model.
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  • just read this!

    I never thought she was close to a good singer, not even when she was on Hannah Montana . She does not deserve to be famous. And she has made her fan base drop, by acting like a insane person.

    I understand Miley, She's simply enjoying her life and funs as a female. Trend setting, Brand expanding and diversifying her product. Very smart girl CUDOS!

    I admire Miley and love her smarts as well as how she has fun with life YOLO!

    Amaris Adara
  • A disgrace to whole world

    what happen to hanna montana and miley cyrus? what she done to herself? is this what children wanted to be when they wanted to be hanna montana and miley cyrus? is she lost her head? and what happen to billy ray cyrus? where is he now? what happen to him? i mean is this little girls wanted to see her like this now?

    its 2014 now and and my god i cant explain how disgracefull was miley is now, she was popular as hanna montana and miley cyrus when she was teenager, i understand when being growing up but not like this? even the actor who play miley brother is stay who he was and i remember when hanna montana said just be who you are and by meant who you are i meant not like a damn fucking whore!!!

    no miley! this is not yourself anymore! you are fucking disgrace to younger childern!

    yeah those poor little girl that wanted be a hanna montana are shartted now when their beloved idol become a totall slut, whore and idiot licking body and iron!

    theres nothing more i can say but hanna montana is gone soo does old miley cyrus too
  • hannah montana i dare you

    I dare you to get with Justin bieber
  • Talentless witch.

    Hannah Montana was not good, and her VMA behavior sunk the battleship down to an even lower level.
  • VMA Not Cute Hannah Montana

    Very weird ugly train wreck you can't stop looking at.
  • Love Miley !!

    Go Miley !!
  • Hey fansters!

    I like Miley and her songs because her song were the only one that told me not to give up and believe in songs also taught me to not be afraid to be in front of the stage.

    Hope she is your best!
  • No offense to miley fans but

    She's not good, she's a stank, can't sing, can't dance, disgrace to country music, and an actress.
  • Not a good anything (person.singer,actress,etc..)

    Wish she would just go away, not die but just leave the limelight.
  • I thought you needed talent to be a singer and actor

    If there was an award for most overrated teen singer ever, it would probably go to Hannah Montana. She's just another one of those overly hyped singers who thinks she's all that, but not. She's also another one of those snobs who on the outside looks perky and friendly, but is just another stuck up person on Hollywood who is too good for anyone. Her songs are just abysmal, and that's the nicest word I can think of for her songs. She also seems to lip sync her songs, and it proves she can't sing at all. I also don't like what she teaches kids on her show. In one episode, Hannah refuses to eat carrots and I am sure other kids didn't want carrots after that episode. Way to teach kids the right thing Miley. At one point, Miley got a show and a movie, and let me tell you right now, she is one of the worst actors I have ever seen. She either overacts, or underacts and doesn't have any passion at all. I also fail to see why she's so hyped up. She's only going to be abandoned in a matter of time for the next "greatest teen singer", so why bother making her so big if she's going to be forgotten soon? You would think that after all the scandals she has had, she would be let go, but no. I mean really? She has done so many bad things that her career should have ended long ago and be forgotten. And the excuse of her being a teen is not valid at all, she needs to be disciplined for her scandals. Also she dates older men, and she's a teen. There are no redeeming qualities to Miley Cyrus. She may look pretty to some people, but her looks aren't enough. She has no talent as a singer or actor, she teaches the wrong things to kids, and her countless scandals should have ended her career by now. Miley not only needs to leave the singing business, but the acting and TV business all together.
  • Miley Cyrus

    Miley cyrus has really gone down hill since the first episode of Hannah Montana. She's yesterdays news and I think her voice has gotten worse. :/
  • i like her

    shes a good actress and singer i mean all those other ppl that say shes awful cmon shes pretty goood at acting and yeah shes a great just stop bugging her and u dont even know who she is shes also pretty funnyim real and she is so perfect for thae part of hanna montana.those other ppl who say shes not u dont know talent when u see it. so hanna montanas a great actress and singer and she makes the show hanna montana so much more interesting and i love the show.i also want her accent so bad.
  • My Review of Miley Cryrus

    I used to like her when I was like 7, but that was before I saw her show Hannah Montana which was a epic fail, and she refused to eat carrots, I mean they're parents wouldn't like that if their child refused to eat carrots if they served for dinner or something like that.

    Miley is a bad influence on younger children and she dates older man, and she can't sing at all. :/

    Miley should leaving the singer business and the acting business and should be forgotten now, because she isn't a good influence and I don't think you should let your child try to get into knowing her.
  • World's worst mistake.

    This girl, Miley, receives a lot of controversies every half of the year. She's one of those generic popstars that gets that kind of life. She wouldn't be famous even if she cried a lot, if weren't for his father, Billy Ray Cyrus. She is really bad at singing too, using autotunes. Time will come that she will be forgotten or be infamous.
  • Your a good actres but....

    I hear some say that you are nasty so I started not to like you that much because of that thing in the magazine i thought you weren't inappropriate but apparently it seems you kinda are, I'm not saying I hate you like the next guy but I just think you're inappropriate
  • i love miley

    for everyone giving hate to miley, look you dont personally know her and im sure the last thing she worries about is perfetic people wasting their time hating on her when you dont know her. its sad tbh. everbody is equal and she deserves none of this. theres more to life than to hate on people, why hold grudges? you only live once so live YOUR life and worry about what surrounds you and not others.

    i love miley so much, she is an inspirirational person in this world who helps our more that 4 charities! she donates to many charities and even rescuse dogs who need a home. forget about her past and think about the present right, why bring up peoples past which they have forgotten about? it just shows how shallow you are and can be. she is a beautiful human with alot of passion and love in what she does and to her fans. she is very popular around the world and yes some things she may do may not please everyone but was she placed on this earth to do so? no? she is amazing person who i wish to meet seen as i have only met her wax figure lol and spoke to her on social sites.

    i love you miley and congrats on your engagement such a lovley thoughtful ring liam got. and also i cant wait to hear your new album its gonna be amazing and passionate. btw LOL was great!

    love you xxxx
  • She's bad...

    I don't like her, I think she's arrogant but that's not the point. She can't act. Hannah Montana was terrible. In one episode she should have looked like she was concerned or worried. She looked like she took drugs. I don't like her singing either. I liked her cover of Bob Dylans "You're gonna make me lonesome when you go" but that's one song of many...
  • Sorry!

    The reason why Miley Cyrus is so famous today is because of his father Billy Ray Cyrus. I mean come on. You gotta believe me the truth is that Miley's singing has gone way too far with the Best of both worlds crap. You can't buy talent on a grocery store guys. Talent is what you have at birth and she dosn't have it! Disney should at least think twice before they put an untalented acting person like Miley Cyrus on the show. She's just like Lil Romeo because both of them have in common they can't sing and can't act and they have spoiled fathers that are also famous! Please you gotta understand that talent dosn't really pass from generation to generation with genes that's impossible. Take her out of Disney. Now!
  • I felt sorry for her playing Crappah Montanna and she likes it she does a bad act of her anyway.

    Ugh this actor is just as bad as the character herself with the same name but a different surname(the surname is changed to Stewart i am talking about when she is Miley) she is bad along with Hannah Montanna and all that the show is so bad i can't stand it it's stupid like all the other teen crap like Drake and Josh and Zoey 101 the people who like this stuff have no sense in good TV(except my friends of course) the teenage shows are really bad and this actor is just as bad i did feel sorry for her but when i found out she likes playing the role(as seen on the quotes) i think she sucks now get rid of her i want Disney to cancel Hannah Montanna and ban this girl from starring in anything cause it really really is not worth needed.
    And also i found out that this stupid girl got her own CD it's out now in the UK as well and how could she get her own CD come on and the fact that her dad acts as if he is 17 sucks i hate Miley Cyrus and can no one face the facts that i hate Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana.
  • Same as Justin Bieber: didn't need a movie.

    This girl was the most overrated Hollywood nerd since the girl who played Bella in the freaking Twilight movie. Unlike her, and I pitied her because she didn't even want to do the movie, Miley also seemed poised and made to make movies and songs. I got sick of her once I heard We Are the World (autotuned) for Haiti. What was the point, anyway? Nothing, except people liked her and she was the next Yoko Ono. This, combined with the fact she had her own MOVIE, tells me one important thing about Hollywood: they're idiots. I've heard her music, her music sounds like she's sucking on helium, and the autotune doesn't help. Worse, she's getting even more attention now since she turned away from Hannah Montana. She bothers me intensely, considering Billy Ray was good on his own and didn't need her.
  • Miley has been in the acting and singing business for quite some time, and she's still going strong.

    You might say that there are many people who can sing a million times better than her, and you could be right. If you felt like it, you could say that her acting needs a lot of work and there are people who can out-act her, hands down. What I'm saying is this, even though there are haters, there are also fans. Some of those fans could also be willing to rip anyone who trash talks her to shreds. Now, I'm not a person like that. I only like her for her Miley Cyrus songs, not her "Hannah Montana" songs. Songs like, The Climb. To tell you the truth, I really dislike her show. Anyway, she auditioned for the role when she was 11 and she's 17 now. If she was so bad, then why is she one of the biggest stars of our generation?? Sure, there are stars who are more popular, famous, whatever you like to call it, but she believes in her self. She trusts in her friends and family. She sings from the heart. And when you bring her down with insults, she rises even higher.

    Oh and by the way, where's your proof that all those stupid rumors are true. Sorry, if they are, I'm gonna need cold, hard evidence. But, I don't see that.
  • Miley is a famous star from Tennessee. She played Hannah montana.

    Miley Cyrus get a clue! You are not grown just because your 18. Being an adult means covering yourself up and not exposing yourself. You are a celebrity and you can do those kinds of things, however, in the real world, let's say you decided to enter a pagent. If they found all of those pics, they would kick you out because they don't want some wild chick representing as a sophisticated young lady. You say you want to be like Beyonce get real. Beyonce is many steps ahead of you and she doesn't take nude pics, she dresses sexy but she only does it in her performances and she still carries herself like a lady. Beyonce doesn't smoke salvia or gives lap dances to 40 year old men or lets a Nickelodeon stars give you a hicky in public! The only reason why you are famous is because of your famous country rockstar dad. By the way, Miley most older people refer to you as a Hoe or a slut or a tramp. And this is the audience that you want to attract? Feeling betrayed yet? By the way you're not a Christian just because you say it in your thank you speech or interview. Real Christians don't fornicate, or receive hickeys from random guys, real Christians they study the bible and go to church every Sunday or whenever they can. But most importantly real Christians pray, repent, and they live off of what they pray and repent.God is definitely furious with you! You want to know why Christians don't do things that you do is because they have morals, self-respect, dignity, and humility we're not perfect but we ask for forgiveness and then we learn from our mistakes you have not learned from your mistakes so quit saying you're a Christian and trying to thank God in your award acceptance speeches, you can fool the public, your mom, your dad, the paparazzi, but you can't fool God because he knows everybody's heart so quit lying about God! By the way to all of the people who have been defending Miley,saying that she's only 18 and she can't be Hannah forever, get real!You have been tricked! Tricked by the money, her dad, the fame, the influence,and Disney. I agree that she needs to break away from Disney at some point but she's doing it the wrong way. She's not growing up into a mature adult, she growing into a slut! There is a difference between growing up into a mature young woman and growing up into an immature young hoe! Not that she cares but she has younger fans looking up to you and if you're going to be slutty doing in private or go to MTV where there's a much older audience not in front of seven year olds and below. In ten to twenty years, those same seven years that Miley has an influence over are going to be doing what she is doing but a lot worse. For an example she's grinding on 40 year old men, one of those same kids will be having sex with a 40 year old man. They will think if Miley can do it so can I. True those kids have parents, but if they are anything like Billy Ray and Tish then yes my guess will be correct. I got to admit there has been a lot of Disney scandals but the only thing is, is that everyone but Miley has managed to keep their scandals private or they waited until they left Disney forever to start shedding their image if they wanted to and guess what they are some of the most successful actors and actresses today. Vanessa, she really didn't mean to post those pics online, some nosy idiot got a hold of her stuff that was meant for her ex Zack. Adrienne waited until she got off of Disney Channel to do her scandals or she kept them private so no one knew. Miley, on the other hand, just puts everything out just for the fame and money. So yeah she deserves to get attacked with critcism. She supposed to be a squeaky, clean virgin who does Disney shows and events. No one will lay off or will give her a chance or break because she has had many chances in the past and yet she still continued to do what she is doing now and she needs to be punished and forgotten!
  • Only positive thing about her is that she is beautiful. Other than that, I don't like this actress


    Okay, I made a review for her like 3 months ago but this review got deleted and I guess I may have added something offensive. I know for sure that I didn't add any foul language since I'm not that kind of person. I do say foul language from time to time but not a lot. Anyways, I don't like Miley Cyrus and the worst part about "Hannah Montana" was her. I actually liked her show "Hannah Montana" but it wasn't because of here though. I liked the show because Jackson, Robbie, and Oliver were hilarious in that show. Lily is funny as well and Rico can be funny at times. As for Miley, she really irritates in that show and never gives a laugh. Maybe a tiny chuckle but never a huge laugh. Miley Cyrus is beautiful but that's maybe the only thing that I can say about her. She was okay in "Bolt" since it doesn't actually show her and I actually liked her movie "The Last Song" but her movies that she has done have either been awful okay. While she isn't as bad as Lindsay Lohan, I still don't like her. She even took nude photos... also, Billy Ray Cyrus doesn't say anything about her being a naughty girl. She even pole danced at the Teen Choice Awards a few years ago. From what I've also heard, she even did drugs and from the look of some of her pictures... she does look like that she is on drugs. This girl just barely turned 19 years old a couple of weeks ago. I used to like her back when she was an innocent little girl but not she is an abomination and really has no talent. Overall, Miley Cyrus is a bad actress and should have never made it to Hollywood. 3/10

    Note: Woahwoah312 requested me to review this actress

  • Love Her!!!!

    I love Miley Cyrus. Everybody is all bashing on her because she put up some bad photos this or last year. She's just a teenager i've done worst things than she has done and i don't see everybody hatin on me. Her music Tony the Tiger would say Grrrrreeeaaaaatttt!! Her songs relate to pre-teen to teenagers, which is okay. She is most known as 'Hannah' on her show Hannah Montana, which i think is a waste of time to have two identities. I just don't know why she made up Hannah Montana its really stupid and in The Best of Both Worlds ads they are all like "Its Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus" like if there were two people performing. I was reading her Trivia things that she likes and i noticed she likes most of the same things as i do.


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