Mili Avital





3/30/1972 , Jerusalem , Israel

Birth Name

Mili Avital




Born in Jerusalem and raised near Tel Aviv, Mili got her first big break at age 15, in the Cameri Theater of Tel Aviv production of Dangerous Liaisons. She had already made a name for herself in the Israeli film industry before she left for America. In 1991, she won the Israeli Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for the feature Over the Ocean and later received a nomination for Best Actress for her role in Groupie. But Israeli films have limited appeal, and though Mili was highly regarded in her native country, she relocated to New York, found work as a waitress, and took acting lessons. It sounds like the Cinderella story. Mili really was discovered by a talent agent one day in the restaurant, and she landed the female lead in Stargate. The main thing holding her back was her accent – not too many roles were available to foreign actresses. Mili went to work on learning to speak English like an American, and her efforts were rewarded. Mili starred alongside Johnny Depp in the independent western, Dead Man, but her entire part lasted maybe ten minutes and ended with Avital's character getting shot through the chest. 1997 was a busy one for the actress, as she worked on three different pictures. Mili's most recent Israeli film role was in Minotaur. After her role in Kissing A Fool Vanity Fair described Mili as one of the five most promising actresses in Hollywood today. Since finishing Arabian Nights, Mili has completed thriller Preston Tylk and now filming After the Storm, a movie with Benjamin Bratt. Both are expected to be released later.