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    • She appeared and was a guest star in a total of 18 episodes of Frasier playing the character of Gertrude Moon.

    • Millicent was a performer at The 31st Annual Tony Awards during 1977.

    • Millicent had a very popular single that was released in Swedish, called "Om du nånsin skulle ändra dej/Sommardröm" and it was only released in Sweden, during 1971.

    • Once Millicent moved to New York, she began to work in theatres and plays. She's best known for being in the musicals Side by Side by Sondheim and also for King of Hearts although she also was part of 42nd Street which played in New York around the 1960s.

    • Millicent had her own series, Mainly Millicent from 1964 to 1966. For the show's third season, Millicent changed the title to Millicent. This show was BBC series (British Broadcasting Corporation). Millicent would have celebrity guests on the show, and would perform sketches and comedy skits with them.

    • The only television show Millicent has ever smoked on was on Frasier when she played Gertrude Moon.

    • Millicent married Marc Alexander in 1978 and they are still together.

    • Millicent had a #104 hit on the Billboard Singles Chart with the song "In The Summer of His Years" during 1963.

    • Millicent married Ronnie Carroll, well-known pop singer, during 1959. They later then divorced in 1965.

    • She is an accomplished international singer.

    • Millicent's first marriage was to Norman Eshley, and soon after they were married, they divorced.

    • Millicent's Broadway debut was in The Boy Friend during 1954 where she starred along with Julie Andrews.

    • Millicent is a permanent resident of the United States.

    • Millicent is 5 feet 1 inches tall.

    • Was twice nominated for Broadway's Best Actress (Featured Role - Musical) Tony Award: in 1977 for "Side by Side by Sondheim," and in 1979 for "King of Hearts."

    • Hit #104 on the Billboard Singles Charts in 1963 with "In the Summer of His Years" (ABC-Par. 10514), which was taken from the BBC-TV tribute to John F. Kennedy.

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