Millie Jackson

Millie Jackson


7/15/1944, Thompson, Georgia

Birth Name

Millie Jackson


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Millie Jackson is an African-American Soul and R&B singer. Her powerful vocal performances are often compaired to Gladys Knight but are distinguished by saucy subjects and long, humorous, and explicit spoken sections in her music reffered to as "The Rap". Her work from the 70's and 80's, is…more


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  • Millie Jackson : All Hail The Queen enough said

    What can I say about this amazing lady of soul except that she is a treasure to the musical community. I first heard of Millie Jackson when I was about 10 years old and of course I had to sneak around when I listened to her music. Millie\'s music is striaght to the point in your face honesty about all the good subjects like sex and relationships and sex and well more sex. Millie was born in Georgia and from there moved to New Jersey where she made her debut in a local club. From there she would go on to record some of the greatest soul and R&B songs and albums of all time among them are songs like If Loving You Is Wrong (I Dont Wanna Be Right), I Wanna Kiss You All Over, and such albums as Back to the S!*t and Caught Up. She has more than claimed her spot as one of the great Icons and Legendsmoreless