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    • Mills was the referee in the 1997 Oliver McCall vs. Lennox Lewis bout. This was the infamous fight, where McCall Broke down in the ring crying, and the match had to be called. The fighter suffered a nervous breakdown that evening.

    • The Mills Lane Justice Center opened it's doors on January 26, 2006. The 36 million dollar project houses the Reno Municipal Court, and the Washoe County District Attorney offices, and stands eight stories high.

    • Mills refereed his first world championship boxing match judging Vito Antuoferno and "Marvelous" Marvin Haggler. Vito retained the world's middleweight title, going the distance in fifteen rounds.

    • Mills used to 'thumb his nose' as a signal to a good friend of his that was dying of Cancer. When his friend passed away, Mills stopped the signal.

    • Mills decided that he liked to referee boxing matches, when he was paid ten dollars to judge a collegiate match.

    • Mills: Disgrace occurs only when you refuse to get back up.

    • Mills was editor for a novel about the Georgia Civil War, titled: "Dear mother, Don't Grieve About Me, If I Get Killed".

    • Mills and his wife Kaye, travel to the Ukraine together now for stem cell therapy. Mills has his own bone marrow extracted, then placed into his cells. This procedure is used to rejuvenate the cells, and help Mills regain his faculties lost from the stroke. Kaye found this therapy on the internet, and they decided to try this approach.

    • The city of Reno, Nevada has honored the Judge with his own day. The Mayor proclaimed December 27th "Judge Mills Lane Day".

    • Mills signaled the start of each boxing match that he refereed with his signature phrase "Let's Get It On!" He also used that line on his syndicated court television show, and his attitude towards life in general.

    • Mills suffered a stroke in 2002, in his Reno home that affected his speech and the movement of his right arm.

    • Mills has been profiled in: People, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, and Esquire magazines.

    • Judge Lane was nick named "Maximum Mills" for his tough penalties. His no-nonsense attitude was carried into his television courtroom. The Judge's television show made its debut on April 1, 1998.

    • Mills moved on from District Attorney up to District Circuit Judge in 1990.

    • Mills became a deputy of Washoe County in 1979, and was elected District Attorney in 1982.

    • Mills turned professional in college, becoming the NCAA boxing champion, with a 11-1 record.

    • Mills was honorably discharged from the Marines, and he enrolled in the University of Nevada, Reno in 1959.

    • Mills began boxing while in the Marines. He became the all-far east welter-weight champion.

    • Mills joined the United States Marines Corp in 1956.

    • Mills comes from a prominent Georgia family. His grandfather founded the largest bank in Georgia, while his father owned an 1,100 acre plantation.

    • Mills oversaw 101 championship bouts as a professional referee before retiring.

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