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  • Milo the one who stole my heart ;)

    Milo, I love you. Awesome job on Heroes. I hope one day our paths cross and it's not because of Heroes, it is you.
  • Gg watcher

    I love him ! He rules in heroes as well.
  • Hes Amazing!

    I love Milo hes an amzing actor not to mention that he is super sexy. I adore him as Peter Petrelli. Peter has a great story line. He was great in GG. Like I said amazing actor super sexy what more needs to be said. I cant get enough of him and his amazing acting on heroes his fight sequences what more to say than WOW! ive fallen in love with this guy. "People walk up to me and say you know you look really familiar did we go to school together...? **Grabs hair and flips it to the side** No Im Peter Petrelli." When i find photos of him and Adrian Pasdar i just laugh hes a total goof ball. google him one time you'll find some very funny pictures!
  • Milo is Heroes, just like how Heath Ledger was what made The Dark Knight incredible.

    If there was a classification for "favorite, sexy, and amazingly talented" well then Milo deserves to be there 100%. I can honesty say that Milo is the greatest actor I have ever seen. He gives his characters so much depth that they seem real, not just a hollywood cut-out. Many shows I only second glanced, but if I see that Milo Ventimiglia is apart of it then it's absolutely worth watching! Heroes for one, I only began watching them when I saw Milo's name in the cast. If he wasn't there I would have skipped right on to another show.
    Props Milo! :)
    ~Lauren Flores
  • HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I first saw him on Gilmore Girls as Jess and I thought he was awesome. I loved how Luke pushed him into a lake. He is just awesome.
    When I was watching a Sabrina episode and this Letterman came on the screen and I was like that's Milo Ventimiglia. He did have a resonable line of saying he's voting for pizza not smaller class sizes I was for a school election if you are a bit confused what they line would have to do with anything.If you want to that episode just because Milo's in it the episode was Terrible Things from season 1 of Sabrina the teenage witch.
    Also did I mention he's HOTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    He was also in Fergie music video for big girls don't cry why you might ask ? So he can look hot in a music video.
  • He's an excellent actor, not to mention, he's probably one of the hottest guys alive.

    From what I've read, he's a really cool guy, not to mention he's really really unbelievably hot. His character Jess in Gilmore Girls gave him a chance to show a more "tough guy" side, while his character Peter in Heroes is just... indescribable. There's no doubt that he's a great actor. Like right now, I'm watching the first season of Heroes, and after he goes into his "coma" after "saving the cheerleader" when he's having all those dreams, the part when he wakes up is just fantastic. He fits into both Jess and Peter really well and that shows that he can do much more than the same role over and over.
  • Oh my, where do I begin?

    Milo Ventimiglia: Gorgeous. Talented. Did I say gorgeous?

    I first saw Milo as Jess on "Gilmore Girls." And, though I wasn't a fan of his character, there was no doubt there was talent.

    Cut to years later, when I saw a poster for this new show called "Heroes." From what I could understand, it was similar to "X-Men." So I gave it a shot. And one of the first characters that appeared was Peter, and I was like, "Holy cow, it's that guy from 'Gilmore Girls'! He's HOT!"

    So, as "Heroes" progressed and quickly became one of my obsessions, I came to love Milo, his talent, and his handsomeness all the more. Now "Heroes" is one of my top 5 shows and Milo is one of my all time favorite actors. Can't wait for more of both of them!
  • Originally auditioned for the role of Clark Kent in "Smallville" (2001). Although the role went to Tom Welling, the producers at WB liked him so much they gave him the role of Jess on "Gilmore Girls" (2000). Now plays Peter Petrelli on Heroes.

    Nurturing an impressive body of work that encompasses film and television, Milo Ventimiglia is positioning himself as one of Hollywood's most promising young talents as his career continues to evolve with exciting and challenging projects. Ventimiglia will next be seen starring in Tom Fontana's new WB Series "The Bedford Diaries" (2006), which focuses on a group of college students in a human sexuality class. Ventimiglia quickly garnered attention when he joined the cast of the critically acclaimed television drama "Gilmore Girls" (2000), as the quiet and complicated 'Jess.' Last year Ventimiglia joined the cast of another critically acclaimed show, NBC's "American Dreams" (2002). He portrayed a 60's war radical and helps bring the show into the 70's. He was also a recurring character on David. E. Kelley's drama "Boston Public" (2000). Before joining "Gilmore Girls" audiences became familiar with Ventimiglia when he starred in the Fox series "Opposite Sex" (2000) which secured him a holding deal with Warner Brothers. His other television credits include guest starring roles on prime time series such as "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" (1990), "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" (2000), "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" (1996) and "Promised Land" (1996).

    Segueing effortlessly between the big and small screen, Ventimiglia's passion for the art of acting keeps him drawn to both studio and independent features. Ventimiglia recently starred in the Wes Craven/Kevin Williamson thriller Cursed (2005) and next up is the indie film Dirty Deeds (2005). His other film credits include Winter Break (2003) and **** (2000). Additionally he starred in the short films Nice Guys Finish Last (2001) and Must Be the Music (1996), which debuted at the 1996 Sundance Film Festival to rave reviews. Ventimiglia currently resides in Los Angeles and enjoys skateboarding, snowboarding and wake boarding. He also has a passion for restoring vintage muscle cars.
  • Hi! My name is Lena and I am from Russia!!! I want to say a few words about my favourite actor - MILO VENTIMIGLIA!

    Milo is my dream.... I am crazy about his smile, his eyes, his voice... He is a cool actor! I think he is better in real life, than in films ... I was surprised to know , that he didn`t has girlfriend!!! I have a big poster with him above my bed!!! and I often look at Milo .... May be I will see him and speak with him... It would be great!!! I want Milo to be famous, healthy, lucky man !!!!! I love him! . . . . . Lena . . . . .
  • a great and talented actor.

    milo ventimiglia is one of the best talented actors to me. He is really great. I saw him in gilmore girls for the first time and i loved him. He is really talented and he made me watch two tv series, gilomre girls and heroes. These two shows are really great. When i learned milo was in heroes, i thought i have to watch this and heroes is the best show now for me and i do not think any new show can replace it. Peter petrelli is the character of Milo. I think peter is the most important character in the show and i am happy milo is performing.
  • I love this guy.

    He's amazing.

    He may not consider himself to be hot, but he needs to take a good long look in the mirror 'cause he's GORGEOUS.

    He's a truly phenominal actor.
    He plays the part of Peter Petrelli perfectly. No one else could've done a better job. His facial expressions are perfect every single time. His reactions are spot on and really make you empathise with the character.

    As you can probably tell I'm a huge fan of Heroes and Milo is one of the main reasons that I watch it. Something always happens to his character, Peter, that just makes you want to watch more and more.

    He's a perfect actor, a decent guy and he's also pretty hot too :D
  • Great actor.

    Milo Ventimiglia is one of the greatest actors of all time. He play the true star of the greatest show ever "Heroes" Peter Petrelli. Peter Petrelli is an empath who can copy the powers of other heroes and use them for himself. So far peter has copied super strength, teleportation, time control, telekinesis, rapid cell regeneration, flight, painting the future, phasing through walls and more. Milo perfectly portrays peter and heroes without peter petrelli is basically x men without wolverine. its not on. milo ventimiglia is an awesome actor, and heroes is the show that makes him famous. Best actor on heroes ever.
  • Milo is a great actor who grows up on TV. From a troubled teenager on Gilmore Girls to a man with a destiny to save the earth on Heroes, Milo has made a name for himself.

    Milo is staring in the hit show Heroes. He has been in many TV shows and movies. I first saw him on Gilmore Girls as Jess. Jess was an interesting character who got in trouble with everybody. Rory and Jess were great together and the fact that Milo and Alexis dated showed how great their characters were on and off the screen. As Milo went to different TV shows, he took on more mature roles until finally Heroes wanted him to play Peter. Peter is a super character for Milo and he makes Peter come alive and makes us believe in the impossible. A lot of work goes into making us believe Peter has all those abilities and Milo does a terrific job with the special effects and stunts. He has come a long way from being a troubled teenager to a man with a purpose in life. You can tell that Milo loves his job and looks forward acting in a terrific show like Heroes. You can see the close bond Milo has with his co-star brother Nathan played by Adrian Pasdar. The two of them really show a close connection and a brotherly vibe. Milo has proved that hard work and dedication pays off doing a job well done.
  • This is my hundreth blog and I'm glad it is for Milo...

    Milo Anthony Ventimiglia is an American actor. He is best known for his roles in the NBC series Heroes as idealistic hero Peter Petrelli and in the family-oriented television series Gilmore Girls as Rory's rebel boyfriend Jess Mariano. Milo was born on July 8 1977.
    Ventimiglia was born in Anaheim, California to Carol and Peter Ventimiglia. He is of Sicilian descent on his father's side and a combination of Irish, English, Scottish, French, Cherokee, and Blackfoot Indian descent on his mother's. The youngest of three children, he has two older sisters. He was born with dead nerve endings in his lower left lip. Ventimiglia attended El Modena High School in Orange, California, where he wrestled and held the office of president in student government (ASB). He graduated in 1995.
    At the age of 18, Ventimiglia received a scholarship to study at the American Conservatory Theater for their summer program. He attended UCLA as an English major for four years.
    During his off-time from television and production work, he has had supporting roles in horror films such as Cursed and Stay Alive as well as starring roles in the short-film Intelligence and the full-length feature Dirty Deeds. Most recently, he played Robert "Rocky Jr." Balboa, the son of Rocky Balboa, in the latest Rocky installment Rocky Balboa which was released in December 2006. Currently, he is starring as Peter Petrelli in Heroes, a show about "ordinary" people discovering they have superpowers.
    Milo plays my favourite character on Heroes Peter Petrelli which he is the main character on, I think Milo is a very cool person and is currently one of my favourite actors at the momment.
  • Read Review

    I think Milo is very talented and great on Heroes. I was alwaes annoyed about that thing he did with is mouth?lip like it was lopsided but I found out it has something to do with nerves or something so I'll let him off. Lol. He does a very good job at playing Peter Petrelli on Heroes. Havent seen much of Gilmore Girls although my sister watched it so I had breifly seen him on it. Seen him in the Big Girls Don't Cry video and yeah... Just learned he doesnt smoke or drink alcohol like 2 minutes ago from

    Overall he is a good actor and he does very well in his part in Heroes.
  • Ok, let's talk about Milo Ventimiglia, one of the most talented actors of the moment. It will be a bit difficult for me, because english is not my first language, but I promise I'll do my best!

    The first time I noticed him, as almost everybody did, was in "Gilmore Girls", playing the beloved Jess Mariano. I immediately fell in love with his character, his cute face and his smirk. Milo was simply perfect as Jess. Sometimes so dark and sometimes so sweet. I love his evolution in the show, it seemed like he was really growing up. An excellent work. And that's why I decided to follow all his movies and shows, even though, at the moment, I can only write about "Gilmore Girls", "Heroes" and "Dirty Deeds". Talking about "Heroes" I've got to say that Milo was the first reason I found for watching this show. Now I really love it, but without Peter Petrelli it couln't be the same. This is a completely different character, but our Ventimiglia is doing another great job here. There is a scene, during the second season, in the seventh episode "Out of Time", that I think can prove his amazing capabilities: when Peter remembers his mother, he changes his look, which become so soft and gentle, a look you can only give to your mother. I know it could seems silly, but I was so impressed. A few words about "Dirty Deeds". This is surely not my favourite kind of movie, and this movie wasn't surely a masterpiece, but once again Milo did it great. He couldn't do any better.
    So, is quite obvious I'm totally in love with this actor, I really hope he goes on like this!
  • great actior

    I love heros I love heros I love heros I love heros I love heros I love heros I love heros I love heros I love heros I love heros
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  • Cute guy!!!

    Milo is super hot. He is now starring in my fav. tv show heroes as peter. Reasons to love Milo:
    Hot, Atractive, Cute, Handsome, Great acting skills, Stars in my favorite show, Best Character in tv show Heroes, Best story line in Heroes. Finally got a hair cut!, Cute face,Hot, Atractive, Cute, Handsome, Great acting skills, Stars in my favorite show, Best Character in tv show Heroes, Best story line in Heroes. Finally got a hair cut!, Cute face,Hot, Atractive, Cute, Handsome, Great acting skills, Stars in my favorite show, Best Character in tv show Heroes, Best story line in Heroes. Finally got a hair cut!, Cute face,Hot, Atractive, Cute, Handsome, Great acting skills, Stars in my favorite show, Best Character in tv show Heroes, Best story line in Heroes. Finally got a hair cut!, Cute face,Hot, Atractive, Cute, Handsome, Great acting skills, Stars in my favorite show, Best Character in tv show Heroes, Best story line in Heroes. Finally got a hair cut!, Cute face,Hot, Atractive, Cute, Handsome, Great acting skills, Stars in my favorite show, Best Character in tv show Heroes, Best story line in Heroes. Finally got a hair cut!, Cute face,Hot, Atractive, Cute, Handsome, Great acting skills, Stars in my favorite show, Best Character in tv show Heroes, Best story line in Heroes. Finally got a hair cut!, Cute face,
  • Milo is one of the best actors i've seen in a long time.

    Milo is one of the best actors i've seen in a long time. I can't wait for his new movie to come out. I loved him in Gilmore Girls and everytime I see him in a show or movie I think he becomes a better actor. He gets sexier with age too. Oh my God I could go on about how sexy he is. He seems like a good person from what i've read and seen. He looks so good on camera and is so good at what he does. I can't believe someone hasn't snatched him up already. I mean seriously look at him oh my god how could any girl say no.
  • Milo Anthony Ventimiglia is the best actor on TV right now along with Adrian Pasdar. He has great talent, Charisma, Energy that he brings with him on any show and keeps on getting better and better everytime. He is also a great person and very grounded.

    Milo Anthony Ventimiglia was born on 8th July 1977 Anaheim California USA to Peter Ventimiglia. Milo has two older sisters. He is the youngest. He is 5ft9 tall and is the best thing to happen since slice bread. He is one of the most promising up and coming new star of Hollywood He oozes sex appeal. Those eyes can melt anyone. A good role model for anyone. He doesn't drink, smoke and is a vegetarian and a great humanitarian.
    He has done several comercials for iBook, Chrysler, Mountain Dew and many more.
    He is best known for his role as Peter Petrelli from Heroes that can permanently mimic the powers of others.
    He was also in the family orientated show the Gilmore Girls were he played the role of rebel boyfriend Jess Mariano.
    Milo has a production company with some friends. Hes has directed 13 episode of It's a mall world for AmericanEagle stores.
    From his time off os work and productions he makes movies. Some of which include Stay Alive (first 6minutes), Cursed. He has had starring roles in the intelligent short-film Dirty Deeds. He has also been in the Rocky Balboa movie playing Rocky's son "Rocky Jr" released in 2006 Dec. He will most recently be seen in the movie Pathology with Alyssa Milano trailers are already being shown on Utube.
    Plus he is in the second season of Heroes.
    Moilo has done a range of things already and can do roles of all genre action, drama, comedy, emotional, horror he suits all roles.
    So everyone out there watch his movies i will. So basically he is an all rounder actor and director.
  • Best actor eva!!

    Okay, how can I express how much I like Milo? I noticed him in the old Pepsi add. You know "Bad cheetah!"? And then he just started appearing in shows that I loved (American Dreams and Gilmore Girls). I think that as he progressed through the roles he has shown more and more talent. Seeing him go from playing the lil punk Jess in Gilmore Girl to the sweet Peter Petrelli in Heroes has been great. I hope that his new movie Pathology does him justice. And just to point out the obvious HE DAMN FINE!!! LOL. I look forward to watching more of what he has to show the world. #1 fan!!
  • A great actor.

    I have been a big fan of Milo Ventimiglia since he was on the show Gilmore Girls. I thought that he did great job with the charcter Jess. I never got to see him in the Bedford Diaries because it ws not on the air long enough to see an episode but it would not surprise me that he did a great job with that role too. I just recently started to watch the show Heroes and i have to say his character is one of my favorites in that show and he does a great job with his character.
  • Love him!

    Milo Ventimiglia is a brillant actor. Milo Ventimiglia plays Peter Petrelli on Heroes. I love him. I thought on the HomeComing episode he was really amazing, thats my favourite episode so far on Heroes. I thougth Peter was really funny on that one because when his foot isn't right an then he fixes it like theres nothing wrong. I was laughing for ages, still laughing now! I love all his powers, and his faces gorgous. All in all Milo Ventimiglia is a brillant actor, even though I have only seen him on Heroes but that just sums it all up. I think he is very Hot too.
  • all time favorite actor.

    I first came to know who Milo Ventimiglia was when he did his performance on Gilmore Girls. I love his bad boy persona Jess, and I just fell in love. Sadly though this ended, and he was not on anything for a while. Then he did Bedford diaries and I loved that show but they quickly pulled it off if the air. Then one of my new favorite shows cam on Heroes and he was one of the main characters so of course I had to watch it, and I loved the show. Plus Milo does movies and he is very good and in some great ones. He is really an amazing actor, and I love him in anything.

    So I fell in love with him back in 2001 in his first episode of Gilmore Girls "Nick&Nora/Sid&Nancy" really I was only like 16 and i was like that wolf in the bugs bunny cartoon?? Milo is like that super Bad ass sexy guy and you dont care if he treats you like trash cuz his hot-ness is worth it!

    I would watch hours of crap for him, actually I watch that boring show he had in the WB about a sex class? he look so cute there....

    Not even mention Heroes, I love all that superheroes thing and Milo being there is just a plus!!!

    So yeah, Milo is Hot hot hot hot hot hooooot!!!!
  • Milo Ventimiglia played on both Gilmore Girls, Heros and plenty of other shows and movies. His career first took off when he starred as Jess on Gilmore Girls, as Rory's friend and soon to be boyfriend.

    Milo Ventimiglia is my favorite actor. He shows alot of emotion when he reads his lines and he can also play the part of a bad boy VERY well. I first saw Milo when he was starring in Gilmore Girls with Alexis and Lauren and i LOVED it the fact that Jess liked Rory and wanted her to be with him insted of Dean. After a couple episodes of watching Jess attempt to get Rory, i was hooked. To the show and also to him. Soon he finally got Rory and he stayed on the show for another season but after season 3 he left the show (and him and Rory broke up on the show when he left) but sometimes would come in for a visit to try and win Rory back. I absolutly loved that fact that Milo and Alexis were dating in real life, they were so cute together although i was devistated when i found out that they broke up last year.
    Milo is a WONDERFUL actor who is very very gorgous =) and i suggest that if you see him playing on a show watch him because he can make the roles very exciting.
  • Milo is a great actor and plays all his parts well.

    Oh my gosh where should I start. I first saw him i Heroes as the amazing Peter Petrelli. I didn't realize his greatness until around the middle of the season of Heroes. He even made me ant to go and see Gilmore Girls because he was on it. I think he is a really good actor. I think he plays every character he gets well. I think as the years go on that he will get even more and more chances to shine. He will be one of the greats if he really works for it. All in all he is seriously hot and very talented.
  • Sweet boy!

    Milo Ventimiglia! First time when i saw him was in the first episode of Heroes! I haven't noticed his talent until few episodes. Then i was interesting to find more about him, to find more movies which role made him a hero! And here we go, i find "Dirty Deeds" i download it and i watched it! It was so cool, that movie made me feel so good, and the fact that Milo was there made me to adore that film! after a few weeks when i was seaching videos on internet i found a new clip, Fergie clip! i started to watch it and when i saw Milo there i was very exciting! I can't believe that my here was in that clip! Anyway now i'm use to it! Have great day Milo and keep doing the good job that you do now!
  • Milo Ventimiglia played Peter Petrelli in Heroes, he is one of the main characters who are there to save New York from blowing up. In the show he can absorb other's powers

    Milo at the moment is my top actor in my top show!
    He can go from kind and gentle to bad-ass and hard with style, and he can suit both roles perfectly!

    His best performance for me was in Heroes, Episode 'Five Years Later', this is when we see a glimpse into the future, he has a deep scar across his face and has turned from his 'Present' self (quite weak) to a strong, powered person.

    I can't wait to see him further, I have heard that he is releasing a film some time this year!

    I think that everyone should watch his performance, I will be!

    Peace out
  • So gorgeous!!

    Milo is such a hottie! He is a such great actor, and he does a really great job in portraying his character on Heroes and on Gilmore Girls. Hopefully soon he will star in a couple of movies or appear in more TV shows because I cant get enough of him!
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