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  • My favourite Dreamlander!

    Along with the fabulous Edith Massey and the one and only Divine, the wonderful and talented Mink Stole makes up the core trio- the Holy Triumvirate- of John Waters' early movies.

    Her perfectly pitched performances range from the grotesque (Connie Marble in Pink Flamingos) to the hilarious (Taffy in Female Trouble and the hysterical Peggy Gravel in Desperate Living) but are always watchable and enjoyable. And eminently quotable too! (But be careful of the company you're in if you try this.)

    Mink has remained truly loyal to John Waters, appearing in cameos in all his more mainstream movies. My favourite of her roles is Dottie Hinkle, the victim of Kathleen Turner's obscene phone-calls in the amazing Serial Mom. It may be a little harsh, but in Waters' early films, Mink is probably the only one who can actually act! A true legend.