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    • Mink has a brief cameo in the new musical version of Hairspray- she can be seen as a woman smoking in the street.

    • Mink supplied her own outfit and did her own hair and make-up for Pink Flamingos. Whilst her outfit was ruined, she still has the cat's-eye glasses (which she got from the Jewish quarter in Baltimore!)

    • Mink started her singing career after a friend saw her in a stage production of The Winter's Tale by Shakespeare, where she played a character who had to sing, and wrote a song for her.

    • In his book Shock Value, John Waters describes Mink as 'probably the best actress I've ever worked with'.

    • Mink worked as the receptionist at Harper's Magazine in New York for a year before her colleagues realised she was in films, even though many of them had seen Waters' movies but didn't recognise her!

    • To achieve her infamous hairstyle for Pink Flamingos, Mink bleached her hair then coloured it using red ink.

    • Her official website is www.MinkStole.com

    • She is fronting a sound and vision project that "infuses Electronica, Jazz and Dark Cabaret" called Biomechanic. A debut CD entitled Exogenesis is expected in 2007.

    • When filming Mondo Trasho (1969), Mink and several other cast members were arrested for 'conspiracy to commit indecent exposure' as they illegally filmed a scene involving a nude male hitchhiker on the campus of Johns Hopkins University.

    • She occasionally performs as a singer, going under the name 'Mink Stole And Her Wonderful Band'.

    • John Waters asked her to set her hair on fire during the filming of Pink Flamingos, which she initially agreed to but then refused to do, which allegedly made Waters furious as he had bought her a wig for her to wear whilst her hair grew back!

    • Her personal favourite of the movies she has done with John Waters is Female Trouble.

    • Mink was interviewed by drag queen Peaches Christ before a showing of John Waters' 1981 movie Polyester (in which Mink plays Sandra Sullivan) at the Bridge Theater in San Francisco on July 29, 2006.

    • She writes a weekly advice column called 'Think Mink' for the Baltimore City Paper.

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