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    • Minnie: (on the prospect of raising her child alone) It's great to be an independent creature. Today you don't need a man anymore. In the old days, have a baby without marriage and people would put you out. Today you speak about it on talk shows. I'm very into feeling this female thing.

    • Minnie: (message to young girls) Your inside has to be developed and tended to and looked after. It's harder to love yourself, take care of yourself, to respect yourself, and be good to yourself. We're all going to get old, saggy, and everything is going to fall apart, so what's the point if you base your whole life around being pretty, thin, and beautiful. It would be monstrous.

    • Minnie: I can't imagine not making records and playing for people. It's so much a part of my life and who I am.

    • Minnie: I box as a sport, but I'd never box with a man. I'm not afraid of getting hurt. Quite the opposite: I'm afraid I'd get carried away and hurt the guy.

    • Minnie: (visiting factories in Cambodia) Every time companies squeeze to get lower production costs, faster production, it's nobody but the working women who suffer and their families back at home.

    • Minnie: Minnie is my nickname. Amelia's my real name. I'd love to be an Amelia, but frankly then I think I should be a German woman with a horned hat.

    • Minnie (about Matt Damon, her ex-boyfriend) It's unfortunate that Matt went on "Oprah." It seemed like a good forum for him to announce to the world that we were no longer together, which I found fantastically inappropriate. Of course, he was busy declaring his love for me on "David Letterman" a month previously.

    • Minnie: Singing is my dream and, while it may have not been a commercial success, critically I was thrilled with the reception my first album got.