Mira Furlan

Mira Furlan


9/7/1955, Zagreb, Croatia (ex Yugoslavia)

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Mira Furlan



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Mira Furlan
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Mira Furlan was born in Yugoslavia, and became one of that nation's leading actresses in stage, film, and television. She was called "the Meryl Streep of Yugoslavia". During the Wars of Yugoslavian Succession, she, born in Zagreb and married to a Serb (director Goran Gajic), did her best…more


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    • Mira: (on working with her husband) A couple of months ago we finished a play, we did a play together. He directed and I acted and we kind of connected it with the war in the former Yugoslavia. It was a very, very interesting experience, working together. But before that, in Yugoslavia we did a movie together. And we are planning, we are trying to do his movie. But you know how frustrating that whole process is.

    • Mira: (answering if she always wanted to be an actress) Oh, I don't know, I wanted to be many things. I wanted to study languages, actually and that's what I did. I did that parallel to the Academy of Theatre and Film where I went to high school. I had a lot of various interests, but languages are my other interest.

    • Mira: Ambassador Delenn is an extraordinary character. She combines so many different traits. She's tough but vulnerable, She's strong but feminine, She's a pacifist but can be militaristic She has depth and spirituality, but can be funny and light at times, So yes I think she's a great role model not only for women but for everyone.

    • Mira Furlan: In those moments when I entered the stage, trembling with stage fright and excitement, under those spotlights, I felt that I'd found the one thing that I wanted to do in my life. Nothing could match that flow of adrenaline.

    • Mira Furlan: Babylon 5 is definitely not a fantasy. It is a show that constantly refers to sociological, political, and psychological facts of our present life, and it is that which makes it so valuable, I think.

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    I've only seen her on Babylon 5, but she was one of my favorite actresses for quite some time. I loved her character, Delenn. She was so wonderful at showing compassion and still being a good, hard leader. I loved how she pulled this off, and being an alien as complex as Delenn, it must have been difficult. She did such a wonderful job of playing the religious character, and not making it seem too fake. I'm sure that was not an easy task, as she had only the scripts and Joe's vision to go off of. It seems hard to play an alien when you don't have any to model your actions after.moreless