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  • Where has she gone?

    She has not done much lately of note that I can see, but darn, she has the best legs in Hollywood!
  • An attractive Italian with a softer or rounded edge about her. Mira has done Horror and Drama successfully. She is known for her big screen presence, but has succeeded in tv well.

    I am not the person that should be doing a review of Mira, as you can see by my score. I believe she has been noted more on her looks than talent as an actor. She is at least average in the limited work that I have seen (Mimic and a guest on House). She received an Oscar, Golden Globe and other awards for Mighty Aphrodite (I haven't seen it). She is a veteran actor doing 45 movies and is a producer on two to date. She might not be a favorite, but you cannot deny her mark in the industry.