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  • I think that Miranda Cosgrove is an amazingly talented girl! She is sooo funny and so good at being evil on Drake and Josh. Meanwhile, in real life, she seems like the sweetes person! I love her! She is such an awesome actress and I know she will go far!


    I think that Miranda Cosgrove is an amazingly talented girl! She is sooo funny and so good at being evil on Drake and Josh. Meanwhile, in real life, she seems like the sweetes person! I love her! She is such an awesome actress and I know she will go far! Miranda always brings out the character she's playing's personality so well! Not only is she really talented, but she is also really pretty too! She is definitely one of my personal favorite actresses. I can tell that we will be seeing a lot from her in the future, and hopefully for many years to come! Miranda - you rock!
  • Plays Megan Parker on Drake and Josh.

    Miranda Cosgrove is one of my favorite actresses. She plays Megan Parker on Drake and Josh. I like her because for one: she is atrractive, two: her character is awesome, and three: she has a great career. Her character, Megan, is a no nonsense girl who hates getting bossed around by her brothers. She is hilarious and awesome. I like it when she plays pranks on Drake and Josh and always outsmarting them. Miranda Cosgrove is so cool.
  • i like her she is funny. she is one of my favorite actress

    i like her alot she is a great actress. she is funny and can be dramatic or funny or anything. she is such a good actress i think she is better then some actresses out there today. i just cannot beileve a little girl can be so funny. she is lucky.

    She is awsumly awsume! She is my evil hero. She should have a "how to be evil" show! She is also really very funny. I love School Of Rock well because she was in it and made it funny. She might play a brat on TV but she is a Evil brat
  • HAHA! She's evilicious!

    OMIGOSH is she awesome! Props to the cute little devil! I love her role in Drake and Josh! She's my fave character there! She should get a bigger role in something.... Oh yeah! She is so cool, and reminds me of a cute little version of the Grinch! Such an EVIL GENIOUS. Even though it's not really her work. She's pretty and gets along good. She is a great actress and I think it is really cute how she got started in her career! She sure own Drake and Josh! MIRANDA PWNS! YAYY! Keep going in your stardom. It's a good thing your still young, just kidding. I wish I could be like Miranda. HEHE, Hollywood evil... cool!
  • She is a great prankster on Drake and Josh.

    Miranda Cosgrove plays Megan Parker on Drake and Josh. She is an evil little brat that plays pranks on Drake and Josh every day. I think she is really funny. Her pranks are hilarious. I liked the episode where Drake and Josh play a prank on Megan but Megan plays a prank on them later. I`ve also seen Miranda in School of Rock along with Jack Black and in Yours, Mine, and Ours with Drake Bell and Danielle Panabaker. Megan looks so different from the first season of Drake and Josh to the fourth season of Drake and Josh. Miranda rocks!
  • Miranda Cosgrove is a great person.I really recomend Miranda as a good actress.

    Miranda is so great at her role as Megan Parker.I really like seeing Miranda as Megan on Drake & Josh.Miranda is a good actress and I really think Miranda should continue to be Megan on Drake & Josh.Miranda`s character Megan I know she plays pranks on Drake and Josh but I still enjoy watching the show and I reall like Mirand and also Drake and Josh.Miranda is just as good as Drake and Josh but there are people who probably hate Mirand Cosgrove too.I am a person who likes Mirand Cosgrove.I really like the show she is on.I will continue to keep watching Drake & Josh until they take it off air.
  • empty

    Miranda is a very good actress. She also is very pretty and I think that she has done several quite good works that makes her even a better actress in whatever she decides to be in. She is really good, and I think that she really is something different from other actresses.
  • complete niftyness

    i think miranda is veary completly no dought nifty. she is veary talented two. but i dont understand why people say her fool name all the time when people dont do that like when they meet up at the mall. they dont just go up and say hey wats up miranda cosgrove. they just say hey wats up miranda. i was really suprised though that she was in the show smallvile. she did a great job in the school of rcok two. but my favorite is drake and josh. she has really matured and i like it that she pulls pranks on them. its so funny. in my opinion she is a great actresss.
  • i think that miranda cosgrove is the most gorgeous girl i've ever seen.....=]

    Since miranda cosgrove is the best actor and the most gorgeous girl i think that she should make her own show insted of just being on "drake and josh" Also i think that they should shoot a movie or just one scene in newyork city..ALso Does anyone know if miranda cosgrove got a tmail or a screen name. . . . . . . . . . . ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  • Miranda Cosgrove is most famous for her role in the nickelodeon series "Drake & Josh." After wrapping up "Drake and Josh" (after 4 seasons) Miranda is set to have her own, brand new series (also on nickelodeon). It will be called iCarly.

    Miranda is a very, dare I say, talented, actress. I have seen in mostly comedies, but she has done some other genres. She is extremely funny, and is a convincing actress, too. I, personally, know her from her role as the mischievous Megan Parker on "Drake & Josh." I loved the acting she did on this show, because it seemed genuine. Miranda appears to be a very unique little actress, which sets her apart from other child actors. She has a definite flare that can capture the eyes of her audience. I highly suggest checking out some of her work if you haven't already.
  • Miranda Cosgrove is an actress that doesn't let the fame and fortune get to her head.

    I usually review the people who I like, and people I like are people who don't let the fame and fortune thing go to their head, and I've reviewed like thirteen people so you already know I like people like this, but about Miranda - I think she is a very charming actress, and if you look at her one way, she is very attractive. Her acting as Megan on Drake and Josh is perfect. I know her lines are thought of by the writers and directers and producers, but still, she fits the part so perfectly. Same with her role in the move, Yours, Mine and Ours. And she is also getting a new show called iCarly coming soon. That will be great, and I'm sure her acting be just as great, and maybe even better.
  • she's annoying!!

    I can't stand Megan on Drake and Josh!! Miranda's not even that great of an actress!! She just annoys me, overall I really don't like her she has a new show coming on but it looks stupid really stupid. Miranda I just am not a big fan of yours at all.
  • This girl is Seriously talented!

    Yep the Summary says it. She is very talented! I have followed her ever since School Of Rock which is one of my favourite films. She was really good in that. Then Drake & Josh came out and I loved it! She had a greatcharactor and one of the leads. The pranks she played on Drake & Josh were always hilarious. Too bad the show is finishing. But not to fear, because now she has been given her own show! Its about time too! It is called "iCarly" and well she is the lead, and her name is Carly (Obvs) and I have seen the Promo and it actually looks good. Its not one of those fake teen shows. And it looks really funny. Looks great. Im just glad she is in something new. Miranda is a great actress and really pretty! I look forward to seeing her in more things in the future. Go Miranda!
  • Yea gr8te actress

    I think she was great on Drake and Josh... Um I am 13 and i think that she does really good as an actress. I kind of want to see her new show Icarly.. I wonder if it will be good or not. She is hilarious in my opinion! I luved how on drake and Josh she would make fun of them or trick them into doing something... Otherwise umm i don't hav much else to say. I think she's talented...,. i am not sure if she can dance as well. But i hav heard her sing she's not bad she can carry a tune. I think she will do well!!
  • She's such a wonderful actress.

    Miranda is one of the few child actors/actresses that I admire. She plays a sassy sister on Drake and Josh, and she does a great job at that. iCarly, which is her very own show is premiering tommorow, and it looks like it's going to be a hit for her! From what I have seen from interviews she seems like a laid back kind of person. Her acting is somewhat the same. I've seen clips of iCarly and she looks really hyper in it! She's very original, and one of the few child stars that I admire. She has true talent, and it's only a matter of time until she becomes a huge hit, and everybody wants her to be in shows and movies!
  • One of my all time favorites! This girl can act.

    She is definatly going to be a big star one day. She's got nothing but talent. Miranda is the best child actor I've ever seen and probably the best in the business. Move over Miley Cyrus, Miranda Cozgrove coming through! She's also got a great voice. The iCarly theme song was great, I listen to it all the time. It was about time she got her own show. She was too good just to play Meagan and not get a bigger role. iCarly has potential to become a big him someday, but there's no other actor to fill the shoes of Carly other than Miranda.
  • I agree with DisneyFreak33. She's annoying. I haven't seen many of her performances that are close to decent.

    I agree with DisneyFreak33. She's annoying. I haven't seen many of her performances that are close to decent. She's a pretty much talentless overrated fan of the limelight. One reason she's such a big star is because Nick overrates nearly all of their Teenick stars. It's ridiculous. I will admit she was nearly a decent actress in the earlier Drake and Josh episodes, but as the series progressed, her talent (what little she had) plummeted. I've just never liked the way she acts. The characters she plays are also so annoying, and her bad acting makes them worse. Sorry Miranda, but you're just not a good actress now. Maybe later on you'll get better.
  • My hero!

    Miranda Cosgrove has to be my favorite actress of all time. She's actually my hero.

    She started out by playing 5-year-old Lana in the pilot of Smallville, a show my sisters are huge fans of.

    Then she played the role of Summer in the movie School of Rock and in the same year, her character of Megan Parker debuted on Drake and Josh in the Pilot.

    Then she played the role of Joni North in the movie Yours, Mine and Ours. I really want to see that movie because it has her and Drake Bell in it.

    And finally, let's not forget she's now starring in her show, iCarly. I've only seen 3 episode with the 4th episode coming out and it's already one the best shows ever on Nick.

    Miranda is a fabulous actress and hopefully, she goes big one day like Amanda Bynes.
  • a very good actor

    miranda is a very talented actor in the show drake and josh she is very talented and very funny! the same things go with the movies like "school of rock" .i have watched some episodes of icarly and the same things go with that show she is also very attractive and its good that she is a main charcter of a show (Icarly) i hope she will contine with this awsome talented acting. i dont know why some people find her annoying shes not annoying she makes shows even better so im just saying shes a awsome actor and i give her a 9.8/10
  • Miranda Cosgrove is an American child actress and singer. Her career began in 1996 when she was spotted by an agent who was so impressed by her singing and dancing in a restaurant called Taste of LA that he sign her up for big parts in shows

    Miranda Cosgrove is a really hot girl. She's really awesome. I'm a big fan of her new show iCarly. She plays as Carly Shay. In Darke and Josh she Plays as Megan Parker, a mean sister who loves to make Drake and Josh look dumb.

    iCarly, i have to say is her best work ever. Cosgrove is 14 years old. born on may 14, 1993. I love her so much. I know not manny tenns like me love her, but she can be in rally good shows like drake and josh and iCarly. Miranda Cosgrove is one of the hottest teen acters ever.
  • I think she is very talented and gorgeous but she is changing.

    I think she follows Emma Roberts way of acting. In Drake and Josh I really loved her but when I saw iCarly, I was really disappointed at her. I wish she could change back. I also think people should not say bad things at her like she's talentless, like that. I mean she wouldn't make it to Hollywood if she was bad. She just needs a matter of time time to improve her acting. I think she will be a great actress one day, but she needs to improve. I think she is really pretty that's another thing why I liked her :). Well, that's my opinion =P.
  • a actress that is well on her way to (more) fame

    she started out as the controlling school girl, summer, in school of rock, and then as the devilish little sister of drake and josh, megan, in drake & josh. and now we see her on icarly, where she plays the main character carly with her two best friends, sam and freddie, as they all perform live webcast shows together. she is a great actress and i think that she is probaboly one of nickelodeons best actress. i wouldnt be suprised to see her show up on disney channel anytime soon. i think that this girl has a bright future ahead of her and that we will see more of her to come.
  • Miranda can be annoying sometimes. Her character Megan really drives me insane because she's so annoying. She's also an average and plain actress. She's close to being talentless.

    OK, this is all I have to say about Miranda Cosgrove. Her character Megan is so pointless and annoying that it drives me insane. I'm actually glad Drake and Josh is getting cancelled. Miranda isn't a horrible actress, but she also isn't the best. She's annoying because I can see that she's like her character Megan based on the way she speaks. I'm tired of hearing her voice and seeing her face. I only want to see her face on iCarly and no where else..... this girl just drives me nuts with the way she talks and acts. It's just always so self-centered and careless. I'm not a big fan of this brat so I will give her a 5.8 and that's just me being nice. Miranda, be careful you are close to being a talentless jerk because you're the most annoying actress in history.
  • She is talented

    I think Miranda Cosgrove is a wonderful actress. She is hilarious as Megan on Drake and Josh, and she does a good job on iCarly. When you see her act, you don't connect her with one character only. She knows how to make different roles convincing, and I think she should be used more. If she really wants to, she could be a really good actress who plays all different kinds of roles. It would be nice to see her in more shows, and she also appears to be poised and mature for her age. I think she is underused compared to other child stars these days. She is a wonderful actress and a charming young woman.
  • Not as bad as some people say.

    Seriously, just because you find someone's character annoying, don't reduce there score because of it or new people will follow your example and all the actors and actresses will have 5's... anyway Miranda is talented she has been School of Rock which was her first apperance, then Drake and Josh which is probably her most successful hit so far(I love her evil character in the show Megan and how she terrorizes her brothers) and then ICarly. I am not a big fan of ICarly but I have seen an episode and her acting is not something I don't like about the show so I am not going to degrade her for it. I'd say she needs to get out in the acting world a little more and take on some more serious things... classes, that sort of stuff. But she's getting there, give her a few more years and we'll see where she's headed.
  • she's gd. im worried

    Miranda Cosgvrove is totally annoying in Drake and Josh. That means she has been doing her job right. i think that she was suppose to be a total nuisance. In iCarly, i dont her acting kinda declined. But it was still...bearable
    i think that Miranda has a lot of talent. but sometimes, she acts like Miley and it is not a gd sign.
    Im afraid all this fame will get to her head. And in the end, she ends up like Jaime Spears. I am so afraid.
    erm. she's cool. and she seems like those really really really really really really really nice person.
  • miranda has done several movies for nickelodeon w/ big stars and is most recognizable for her role on drake and josh before moving on to her own show

    i like miranda..shes very sweet and innocent..and she plays the character to fit herself on icarly..on drake and josh she was more mischievous and thats not miranda at all b/c ive seen her on talk shows and shes just so sweet..i know its acting and thats what makes her a great actress..i do think however that shes more of an actress than comedian..she was funny on drake and josh as megan but shes more dramatic than funny on her own show..there are some bits that are funny but not really as great as drake and josh..i think icarly focuses on her acting more and she is a terrific actress
  • Miranda Cosgrove stars in a lot of shows. I think she is a tremendous star and deserves a rating of at least an 8.5 or higher. Miranda makes a good actress and should be famous for a loooooong time! She's also a good inspiration!

    Okay, these are the main shows that I know of that she stars in as a main character: Drake and Josh and iCarly. In Drake and Josh she plays as Megan, or is it Meaghan? ah, don't think it matters, they're the same name, just spelled differently. Anyway as Megan she is Drake and Josh's little sister who obviously likes to cause mayhem. When she is meesed with however, that's when the trouble starts for D&J. She likes to pull pranks too, one example is pouring hot sauce over Drake and Josh's food and drinks in the first episode. In the other show she is in, which was made recently on September 8th, 2007, was iCarly. In this show she stars as Carly Shea who lives with her older brother Spencer Shea who is a creative artist. I wonder if in a future episode they'll have him draw a Mona Lisa portrait? Complex I know, but still, that would be awesome! In iCarly Carly in the beginning episode is fed up with the way Mrs. Briggs is treating them. So Carly thinks of a way to impress kids by doing a web show. And this is one of the most important parts! Freddy comes up with the name for this show which is iCarly! So in this show Carly enjoys her web show along with Sam who is Jennette. I think Miranda is da big bomb in this show, very popular i'd say! I think Miranda is a nice girl that stars in good shows! Now about the judgement between these two shows she stars in. In iCarly I think she is really nice and has good behavior and is very much like a regular teenage girl with some specialness! She helps her friends in sticky situations and plays an exciting role. She behaves and at least sometimes thinks like other 13 year old girls. So she sets good examples and that is why I think iCarly is one of the best shows with one of the best kid female actresses who is Miranda Cosgrove! Excellent part in iCarly too. Where Miranda in Drake and Josh has some differences. She basically plays as the bad girl in this one. And some people like me kinda feel bad for Drake and Josh when things are ruined for them. I'm a bit suprised that they hadn't made any episodes yet where the parents at least find out about her gadgets. In this show they basically want Megan to be secretly bad and the master at hiding her evil plans so the parents can be kept on being played for suckers since they never believe Drake and Josh. I'm not saying the parents are bad though, they can be funny and good parents for Drake and Josh. The mom is like the cool person while Walter plays like a goofy good ol' dad! So one more thing to mention for Miranda in iCarly is her impressive wardrobe for the show! I'd give it at least a 9.5 its that great. How it can be great is that for her shirts, they can be quite simple but cool while others show at least a little glamour! And as for her pants, that is good too because to most people that is not a bad idea, what I'm talking about is that i've noticed in almost every episode she wears jeans, and that is basically what a lot of people would do too. So hopefully that progresses... But anyway Miranda is a great actress that has done well. The two shows she stars in, let's see, personally I like her as the character in iCarly better. One of the reasons is she is nice in iCarly and doesn't cause any stress like in Drake and Josh, because some reviewers complained about her in Drake and Josh. She is supportive in iCarly and is a good friend while in Drake and Josh she stirs up trouble for them and sometimes makes their life harder, which I don't really like. But its not bad. So that is the differences and my opinions about the different roles sweet Miranda plays as. Personally I also think she's pretty! I wonder what her favorite accessory is... she probably loves and wears a lot of different accessories. That's basically my whole review about Miranda Cosgrove which was cool to do by the way! I've probably got more to say but can't think of them right now because I already said a lot! But hey its still nice to read my fabulous review i'd say! I wonder if Miranda will ever read my review, I hope she does! One last thing that may be a wild guess, but here it goes because I'm a pretty good observationist: I saw the part on the Kid's Choice Awards where Drake and Josh was picked as the most popular TV show, when I saw the whole cast go up on stage I saw Megan's expression, now to me in her mind... yeess... Its coming to me! Okay here's what I think she was thinking: "Wow we won this show but are you sure this one because I play as Megan, I'm a little nervous, I'm good right? Because some people might think I am too cruel somrtimes as Megan in Drake and Josh! Well at least there's the trophy to look forward to! Thank you everyone!"
  • Miranda is a very talented actress!

    Everyone knows Miranda Cosgrove from the Nickolodeon show Drake and Josh. She played the evil younger sister, Megan, of Drake Bell and Josh Peck. After four successful seasons, Drake and Josh ended and Miranda moved on to her own Nick show, iCarly. iCarly is about a 13 year old girl, Carly Shay, who starts a webshow with her friends Freddie and Sam. She has also guest starred on Nickolodeon shows like Just Jordan, Zoey 101, and Unfabulous. She also was in School of Rock with Jack Black. I think Miranda does a great job making every character she plays come to life. She is very pretty and i think she is a very good role model for girls her age. Miranda will surely get farther and farther with every role she plays!
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