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  • One of my favorite young stars.

    I've reviewed Cosgrove's costars and show earlier. Her program has always made me laugh. But I've held off on writing about her untill now. Jennette Mccurdy is an amazing talent of the future. I've sometimes dismissed Miranda Cosgrove as the less talented star of the show. However, I've recently watched the Drake and Josh Christmas special and was impressed with her performance. It's hard to rate a young person because their program is usually slanted toward young viewers, but I think it's good to rate the show on a personal comedic rating. I'm amused by the program and in Miss Cosgrove, her costars not only support her, but compliment her. I believe she does have talent beyond young comedy and hope she gets the chance to prove it. And about her musical career, I saw the the music video of her recent song during the Drake and Josh Christmas special the other night. Elements of this have stuck in my head like a curse, not a nasty curse or I would've listened to nothing but Iron Maiden or AC/DC for the last few days to root it out and free my mind, like a nasty Disney Channel star. But this strange tune seems perplexed in my head, at least the version that goes with MY words. Seriously, teen comedies are comical and amuse me, so take of that what you will.
  • I think that Miranda Cosgrove is an amazingly talented girl! She is sooo funny and so good at being evil on Drake and Josh. Meanwhile, in real life, she seems like the sweetes person! I love her! She is such an awesome actress and I know she will go far!


    I think that Miranda Cosgrove is an amazingly talented girl! She is sooo funny and so good at being evil on Drake and Josh. Meanwhile, in real life, she seems like the sweetes person! I love her! She is such an awesome actress and I know she will go far! Miranda always brings out the character she's playing's personality so well! Not only is she really talented, but she is also really pretty too! She is definitely one of my personal favorite actresses. I can tell that we will be seeing a lot from her in the future, and hopefully for many years to come! Miranda - you rock!
  • Hottest girl in America!!

    I don't know why so many people think Miranda Cosgrove is ugly, but it's something I know I just don't agree with at all. She is not ugly, she's pretty! If anything, I think it's a tie for Miranda Cosgrove and Selena Gomez on who should win the Best Actress for the 2014 Kids Choice Awards. However, if Selena Gomez won the 2013 KCA award, Miranda Cosgrove should be nominated and also maybe win the 2014 KCA award.

    By the way, I have the hugest crush on you, Miranda!
  • February 10th, 2011 was an awesome day! Know why?

    I saw her in concert and she gave me a high 5 and a wave.
  • Plays Megan Parker on Drake and Josh.

    Miranda Cosgrove is one of my favorite actresses. She plays Megan Parker on Drake and Josh. I like her because for one: she is atrractive, two: her character is awesome, and three: she has a great career. Her character, Megan, is a no nonsense girl who hates getting bossed around by her brothers. She is hilarious and awesome. I like it when she plays pranks on Drake and Josh and always outsmarting them. Miranda Cosgrove is so cool.
  • What am I rating here her looks or her acting?

    Her looks I think she is very cute. Her acting not so much. Now after saying that I must say the last time i saw her in somthing besides a nick show was when she was like eight years old or younger. I really do not no if she would be a really good actress in a good movie with a good script. I mean you can't blame her that the script is reall bad in I-Carly or in Drake and Josh. I think tha she has made the most out of what she has got. She did good in Drake and Josh, she got her own show, made it a hit and now is not doing to bad for herself. I would really like to see her in a movie or a tv show that is writen well and is of good quality. Again I would give her a 9 for looks and 6 for acting even though I have faith that if she got a good script she could do better.
  • Good actress

    Miranda cosgrove is a very good actress. she's always full of energy when she acts or sings or something. i liked every show/movie that she starred in. Drake and josh, yes. Icarly, yes. School of rock, yes. I could go on, but i better stop. I also think she is quite hot. yes, yes i said that. I don't enjoy however that every role she plays it's has to do something with sarcasm. I do not think sarcasm is funny. Well anyway this reviews almost over, but i think i'll give her a 8.9, for being a good actress, singer, and of course, she's hot.

    Meatboys out
  • She was much better in School of Rock and Drake and Josh...

    Let's face it... Miranda was MUCH better as sly and secretive characters, like Summer Hathaway in School of Rock and Megan Parker in Drake and Josh. Her voice just fits that role so well. Plus, she has THE BEST evil smile ever. But now that she has landed a role in iCarly, I just don't like her as much as I used to.

    In iCarly, she rambles and squeaks on about nothing. It's pointless, especially for a girl with such a good acting ability underneath all of that iCarly Innocence. She just can't play the role very well... her voice is annoying in it, anyways.

    However, that doesn't mean that Miranda Cosgrove isn't a good actress all-in-all. She IS one of the best young actresses on television so far. And she was chosen for iCarly for a reason; if the producers didn't think she was right for the role of Carly Shay, they would have gone on a search for another girl. So look at her this way; She's a pretty good actress... not the best actress on the planet, but she's really good at that.
  • Drake &nJ

    I've only sen 2 of her performances Drake & josh are good and funny shes great and has a good charachter. but school of rock funny and great. Jack black and Miranda Cosgrove worked great toghether. i wish i can one day meet this talented child star. her voice is also great its convincing and full of authority. according to one of my friends Drake & Josh is over i wonder what Miranda's next role is. i can't belive Miranda is 13 almost my age thank you for reading my reviews i will continue to review the cast of Drake & Josh
  • From "School of Rock" to "iCarly."

    Miranda Cosgrove is one special actress. I first notice her in 2003 in the film "School of rock" starring Jack Black. I notice something special that came out of that actress. Many byears years, I saw Cosgrove in "iCarly" and I really love her performance. Last year she recorded the single "Raining sunshine" from the feature movie "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs." It was a great song. It should have gotten a Oscar nomination for best song. her latest song "Kissing U" has been playing on radio station. As for Cosgrove, I will continue to watch her shine on "iCarly."
  • I love "Miranda Cosgrove", she is one of the most beautiful actresses in the world

    She has done "School of Rock" with Jack Black, she had the role as Megan Parker in "Drake and Josh", She voiced as Margo in "Despicable Me", and she has the role as Carly Shay in "iCarly. I love Miranda Cosgrove and if met her and she and I became very close friends, my dream would come true. I don't watch Miranda Cosgrove because she's funny (she isn't mean't to be a comedian), it's because she looks like a very nice person and she doesn't look like those other snobby actors or actresses. I respect Miranda Cosgrove and I wish I met her. She is one of the most beautiful Nick stars in the whole wide world and she looks like a very sweet girl. I also love Miranda Cosgrove's music. If you people say that Miranda Cosgrove should quit acting, then stop it because it gets me mad that you could be so mean to a sweet girl that looks so nice and if she read the mean reviews then I know her feelings about have been hurt. Miranda Cosgrove is beautiful, sexy, and very sweet and it would be an honor to be meet her and I really hope my wish comes true. 10/10
  • I am absolutely in love with Miranda.

    Miranda Cosgrove is my favorite female TV star. Why is that you may ask? She is a great actress, I actually want to watch her show, and the third and most imprant reason, she's the most gorgeous woman on the face of the earth! I have a feeling and this is no lie. I think that the two of us are destined for each other and will end up living under the same roof. Lots of guys out there, why do you say Miranda's not pretty? She's smokin' okin' hhhhooootttt!!!! It doesn't take a really big brain to figure that out. Miranda's so hot, she could survive being put into a 650 degree oven! Bravo Cosgrove! Keep up the good work!
  • Miranda Cosgrove is a talented singer/actress who is often under-rated when instead she deserves to be in the spotlight more. Overall, I really like her because she is a good role model for young children!

    Personally, Miranda is a really talented singer/actress. Recently, I listened to her new single "About You Now", and it was quite impressive! She is quite a good singer and good vocals-which some singers do not have (the media just edit their music videos to improve their voice). I just believe she is under-rated and should be more popular, because she is a good role model for children. She's also very sweet and kind-hearted towards people. Her T.V. show, iCarly isn't THE FUNNIEST SHOW, but neither is "Drake And Josh" and I don't believe it is Nickelodeon's fault. She is a good actress, just not meant for comedy! But when you get down to it, of all the celebs to criticize, why criticize Miranda? She is not horrible!
  • cool

    yea she is really good and she is very talented and preety yes she is my favorite nick star and i think it would be cool to have a show with Miranda! yea that will be cool and Dan is a genius for creating iCarly and Drake & Josh hopefully i can have a show with her! my opinion her career really skyrocketed with Drake & Josh and went on to iCarly Schnieder is a GENIUS im deffinetly a fan of Miranda Cosgrove! i was actually coming up with ideas for a show starring Miranda and hopefully it will be notiticed lol good luck to Miranda!
  • Extremely talented!

    Miranda Cosgrove has become a well-known actress. She's guest starred on Zoey 101, Unfabulous, Just Jordin, All That, School of Rock, etc. She starred as the 'evil' little sister, Megan, on 'Drake and Josh'; but has moved on to her own tv show, iCarly. On iCarly, she stars as a 13-year old girl, Carly, who makes a webshow with her friends Freddie and Sam. She's an extremely talented actress, as she's showed that she can play a variety of roles, and good, too. She can sing, too. As showed by the theme song of iCarly, which is sung by her, and some background by Drake Bell. She's a great role model and actress, and I'd love to see more of her.
  • complete niftyness

    i think miranda is veary completly no dought nifty. she is veary talented two. but i dont understand why people say her fool name all the time when people dont do that like when they meet up at the mall. they dont just go up and say hey wats up miranda cosgrove. they just say hey wats up miranda. i was really suprised though that she was in the show smallvile. she did a great job in the school of rcok two. but my favorite is drake and josh. she has really matured and i like it that she pulls pranks on them. its so funny. in my opinion she is a great actresss.
  • i like her she is funny. she is one of my favorite actress

    i like her alot she is a great actress. she is funny and can be dramatic or funny or anything. she is such a good actress i think she is better then some actresses out there today. i just cannot beileve a little girl can be so funny. she is lucky.
  • empty

    Miranda is a very good actress. She also is very pretty and I think that she has done several quite good works that makes her even a better actress in whatever she decides to be in. She is really good, and I think that she really is something different from other actresses.
  • kyle 100% like i love sam 100%

    ASK her if I can go out with her. My phone number is 225-686-2998
  • miranda has done several movies for nickelodeon w/ big stars and is most recognizable for her role on drake and josh before moving on to her own show

    i like miranda..shes very sweet and innocent..and she plays the character to fit herself on icarly..on drake and josh she was more mischievous and thats not miranda at all b/c ive seen her on talk shows and shes just so sweet..i know its acting and thats what makes her a great actress..i do think however that shes more of an actress than comedian..she was funny on drake and josh as megan but shes more dramatic than funny on her own show..there are some bits that are funny but not really as great as drake and josh..i think icarly focuses on her acting more and she is a terrific actress
  • she's annoying!!

    I can't stand Megan on Drake and Josh!! Miranda's not even that great of an actress!! She just annoys me, overall I really don't like her she has a new show coming on but it looks stupid really stupid. Miranda I just am not a big fan of yours at all.
  • Im a huge fan!!!!

    I love Miranda cosgrove!!! She first played Megan in Drake and Josh which is a show i like and always laugh at.But after the show ended she got her own show called Icarly which is My 2nd favorite show.And then i started hearing her music and i loved and i think shes a very talented singer.I love her song stay my baby and leave it all to me.She also starred in a few movies that i really want to watch.Anyway i love miranda cosgrove and i think shes a great actress and a great role model and a great singer.
  • OMG

    Wow! That is SO creepy! She was born the same day as me! and the same year as my sister! That is kinda weird but cool lol. She's one of my favorite actresses ever! and she's an amazing singer too. i have all of her songs on my iPod. I love iCarly too. it is a funny and cool show and i watch it whenever i can. It takes a lot to entertain me(everyone says lol) but iCarly definately works for me. She did some great work on Drake and Josh too(playing Megan). Anyway Miranda is an awesome person over all.
  • Miranda Cosgrove is an American child actress and singer. Her career began in 1996 when she was spotted by an agent who was so impressed by her singing and dancing in a restaurant called Taste of LA that he sign her up for big parts in shows

    Miranda Cosgrove is a really hot girl. She's really awesome. I'm a big fan of her new show iCarly. She plays as Carly Shay. In Darke and Josh she Plays as Megan Parker, a mean sister who loves to make Drake and Josh look dumb.

    iCarly, i have to say is her best work ever. Cosgrove is 14 years old. born on may 14, 1993. I love her so much. I know not manny tenns like me love her, but she can be in rally good shows like drake and josh and iCarly. Miranda Cosgrove is one of the hottest teen acters ever.
  • My hero!

    Miranda Cosgrove has to be my favorite actress of all time. She's actually my hero.

    She started out by playing 5-year-old Lana in the pilot of Smallville, a show my sisters are huge fans of.

    Then she played the role of Summer in the movie School of Rock and in the same year, her character of Megan Parker debuted on Drake and Josh in the Pilot.

    Then she played the role of Joni North in the movie Yours, Mine and Ours. I really want to see that movie because it has her and Drake Bell in it.

    And finally, let's not forget she's now starring in her show, iCarly. I've only seen 3 episode with the 4th episode coming out and it's already one the best shows ever on Nick.

    Miranda is a fabulous actress and hopefully, she goes big one day like Amanda Bynes.
  • One of my all time favorites! This girl can act.

    She is definatly going to be a big star one day. She's got nothing but talent. Miranda is the best child actor I've ever seen and probably the best in the business. Move over Miley Cyrus, Miranda Cozgrove coming through! She's also got a great voice. The iCarly theme song was great, I listen to it all the time. It was about time she got her own show. She was too good just to play Meagan and not get a bigger role. iCarly has potential to become a big him someday, but there's no other actor to fill the shoes of Carly other than Miranda.
  • She's such a wonderful actress.

    Miranda is one of the few child actors/actresses that I admire. She plays a sassy sister on Drake and Josh, and she does a great job at that. iCarly, which is her very own show is premiering tommorow, and it looks like it's going to be a hit for her! From what I have seen from interviews she seems like a laid back kind of person. Her acting is somewhat the same. I've seen clips of iCarly and she looks really hyper in it! She's very original, and one of the few child stars that I admire. She has true talent, and it's only a matter of time until she becomes a huge hit, and everybody wants her to be in shows and movies!
  • Miranda Cosgrove is most famous for her role in the nickelodeon series "Drake & Josh." After wrapping up "Drake and Josh" (after 4 seasons) Miranda is set to have her own, brand new series (also on nickelodeon). It will be called iCarly.

    Miranda is a very, dare I say, talented, actress. I have seen in mostly comedies, but she has done some other genres. She is extremely funny, and is a convincing actress, too. I, personally, know her from her role as the mischievous Megan Parker on "Drake & Josh." I loved the acting she did on this show, because it seemed genuine. Miranda appears to be a very unique little actress, which sets her apart from other child actors. She has a definite flare that can capture the eyes of her audience. I highly suggest checking out some of her work if you haven't already.
  • i think that miranda cosgrove is the most gorgeous girl i've ever seen.....=]

    Since miranda cosgrove is the best actor and the most gorgeous girl i think that she should make her own show insted of just being on "drake and josh" Also i think that they should shoot a movie or just one scene in newyork city..ALso Does anyone know if miranda cosgrove got a tmail or a screen name. . . . . . . . . . . ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    She is awsumly awsume! She is my evil hero. She should have a "how to be evil" show! She is also really very funny. I love School Of Rock well because she was in it and made it funny. She might play a brat on TV but she is a Evil brat
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