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  • Good sound

    Her music is easy on the ears. I would like to see more of her performances, they make me smile.
  • Miranda Lambert: one talented newcomer in the Country Music world.

    What can I say about Country newcomer Miranda Lambert? Well, as I am listening to her debut CD, I have to say that she sure has one great singing voice that she uses to belt out both catchy tunes and heartfelt ballads.

    Another thing that I enjoy about Miranda is how she is a talented song writer, with her debut CD, "Karosene" as a great example of range in writing her own music. It takes a pretty talented person to write a good mix of catchy dance music and slow ballads that are really nice to listen to or possibly sing a long to.

    In all, I find Miranda to be a talented musican and hope she stays around for many years to come with her great music. With her singing and songwriting capabilities, it's no wonder why she did so well on "Nashville Star".
  • Country's new female singer is a HOT one!!!

    Miranda Lambert is hot!! really hot, she is one of countrys newest singers and she is smokin' she also has a great voice and catchy songs like Me and Charlie Talking, Bring Me Down, and Kerosene. All three of her singles are great and she sings them with passion, not to metion she looks great in the videos, I'm looking forword to seeing and hearing more from her in the future.
  • The bottom line, Miranda Lambert is doing things her way and not the way of some producer!

    Miranda Lambert has a lot to brag about, her album "Kerosene" is gold, she's performed on the CMA Awards, and finally met Merle Haggard, who she is a huge fan of. Miranda's music is something you don't hear much of today, that's something I love about her. She's taking her music and giving it all she has, and then some. Her current single, "Kerosene" is climbing the charts and the video is just as hot!

    Being on the first season of Nashville Star, Miranda (her fans call her Ran for short) came in 3rd place. You know you've got it made when your album enters the charts at #1 and all three songs from the album are getting recognition (some more than others). If you haven't checked the album out yet, you really should!
  • I think that Miranda Lambert is great. I love her last name! Yes, my last name is Lambert too. I watched that season of Nashville Star and I was urging her to win. She is truely a Nashville Star!!

    Miranda is cute and has a very unique voice that I love. She seems nice and I think she will do very well in the music industry. I'm sure her family is very proud of her and I hope she just keeps doing what she's doing. Another reason that I like her is she's young. I think that totally makes a difference because she is still learning and having more fun!!