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    • Miranda: Lately, I've been carrying my bow and a target on the road and, when it's nice outside, I'll stand outside the bus and shoot. When you hit a bull's-eye, it really takes your mind off everything else.

    • Miranda: Every little detail in the bus is something that's personal to me.

    • Miranda: I honestly sleep better on the bus than I do at home.

    • Miranda: (about her new album) I think it shows my growth as a songwriter, artist, and performer.

    • Miranda: (About writing songs for her new album) If it popped in my head, I wrote it.

    • Miranda: Not having money toughened me up a bit, but I'll always be grateful.

    • Miranda: I can still hardly believe that I performed last year on the same stage that I watched the Country icons perform on so many times growing up. I have had an amazing year since the release of Kerosene last March. Being asked to perform at The Coliseum again this year is icing on the cake! When you are on that huge stage it hits you that you are singing for the people who truly love Country Music -- it's a little intimidating but exciting at the same time. I am so thankful that CMA has enough confidence in me to give me a great time slot again. Playing the arena tours with Keith Urban and George Strait has helped develop my show and I'm ready to give them the best I've got this year!

    • Miranda: Texas people are really strong in their roots. I started writing and playing guitar at 17. I've always loved music, and my dad is a singer-songwriter.

    • Miranda: I have my own little sense of style. As far as image goes today for a new artist, you'll find that fashion is really important. I wouldn't want to show up for a performance in something that is absolutely the opposite of who I am as an artist.

    • Miranda: This is my college. I can't study in a book what I've learned just being out there and doing it. At first, it was hard to break in, because the clubs believed chicks don't draw. Plus, they're expecting you to get up there and sing Broken Wing. I don't do that. I'm a guitar player and a writer.

    • Miranda: I always hung out with the adults. I never really was a kid. Didn't eat baby food. I was 16 by the time I was 5, inside. I think that's where my 'old soul' comes from.

    • Miranda: I always say that Nashville Star saved me from five more years in the honky tonks. But I was still scared to death to sign that recording contract. I was afraid they'd change me. I was worried they'd take my songs that didn't sound like anyone else's and produce them just like the next record down the street. I did not want it to be the typical Nashville record. I have my own style. I want to be my own person. There are a million blonde chicks who can sing. I've always wanted to be different.

    • Miranda: My parents were shocked about how passionate I was about it. But they basically dropped everything and just gave it everything they had. I learned so many songs. I learned how to deal with fans and drunks. It was a crash course, and I had to learn really fast.

    • Miranda: We always had tons of people at our house. It's just an old farmhouse. My friends who lived in the city had swimming pools and four-wheelers and all that. We lived out in the country with a vegetable garden. Yet they were always going, Let's go to your house! I would think, Why? Now I realize that it was because at my house it was so homey. We took in just everybody.