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Miranda Otto


Miranda Otto Fan Reviews (2)

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  • One of my crushes.

    I must admit that Miranda Otto is one of my secret crushes, mostly from her work in the Lord of the Rings triliogy. While I have not seen any of her work on television, her movie work is very impressive. She has a natural beauty and strength to her that is more appealing than the usual "glamour and sex-appeal" that so many talnetless Hollywood starlets have.

    Unfortunately, I doubt that I will be catching her in her new series "Cashmere Mafia". The show seems to be a "Sex in the City" type show which has alot of powerful, confident women (which I have no problem with) who are constantly sleeping around (which I do have a problem with). To each their own, and though I do not seem interested in the show, I am happy that one of my favourite actresses is gainfully employed.
  • Perfect!

    She is the most beatiful woman I've ever seen. She is a perfect actress, and is really sexy! She has perfect lips, has beautiful blue eyes, has silky blonde hair, has a beautiful cleft chin. She is great in everything and is one of the prettiest women ever. She's great!