Miranda Raison

Miranda Raison


11/18/1980, Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk, England, UK

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Miranda Raison is a British television and film actress best known for her role as the MI-5 agent Jo Portman in the BBC action-drama Spooks. Born in Burnham Thorpe on the North Norfolk coast of England, she was raised alone by her mother, a former announcer for Anglia…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In the Doctor Who episode "Daleks in Manhattan", Miranda played a showgirl who sang and dance a musical number while her real father played the piano as part of the orchestral background.

    • As a junior, Miranda was picked to portray Joseph in the Nativity plays even though she wasn't in an exclusive school.

    • Her theatrical credits include Ben Hur, Don't Just Lie There, Say Something, The Rivals, and Othello.

    • For her role as Jo Portman on Spooks, she prefers doing her own stunts. On one occasion, Miranda tripped and hit her face on a metal door. She required six stitches and wasn't able to work for a month.

    • She names Supergirl as her greatest childhood hero and describes Helen Slater, who played the superhero, to be the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

    • Her dream trip is to drive across America in a convertible.

    • Miranda is 5'6" (1.68 m) tall. She has blue eyes and blonde hair.

    • Her TV movie and film credits include Suzy Q (1999), Perfect Strangers (2001), The Private Life of Samuel Pepys (2003), The Deal (2004), Nostradamus (2006), Exit Strategy (2008), and Heavenscent (2008).

    • Miranda loves all the different areas in London, which she considers to be her favorite city. Her favorite place in the British Isles is Aldeburgh in Suffolk, where her father resides.

    • In 2007, Miranda played the role of Lareen in the audio novel "The Davros Mission".

  • Quotes

    • Miranda: I thought I knew how to look after myself after growing up with two brothers, but now they're both much bigger than me I'm not so sure!. I do adopt a sort of London attitude that I think has a certain 'back off' quality about it but I'm an absolute drip on the phone!

    • Miranda: (on her family keeping her grounded) They've seen me advertising everything from mobile phones to pizzas, wearing dodgy make-up and in some really bad plays, so I get plenty of teasing. People think that having two younger sisters that they'd kind of look up to me, but there's none of that at all!

    • Miranda: I did have quite a rude awakening when I started going out for auditions and found that everyone else there wanted that part every bit as much as I did. It was a bit of an ego crush, but I think it probably did me a lot of good when I got turned down for parts. Until then I had had it easy. I breezed into drama school, breezed through three years of training. Then got an agent straight away. So I couldn't work out why anyone couldn't possibly want me. You just don't think anyone is as ambitious as you are.

    • Miranda: (traits she values most to those close to her) Loyalty, a sense of humour, a certain cosiness, and an enjoyment of good food!

    • Miranda: I'm really into beaches but I also enjoy a bit of culture. An ideal holiday would have a nice balance of the two, but I'm definitely not into adrenalin sports, nor would I enjoy spending a month solid on a beach.

    • Miranda: I haven't done as much proper traveling as I'd like to have done. However, I know how important the weather is for my mood and spirits. I cherish the sun and the sea.

    • Miranda: (on whether she has what it takes to be a real spy) Absolutely not. I can't keep a secret and I need ten hours sleep!

    • Miranda: Being at a girls' school is like being on a hen night. Constantly. Anorexia was rife. There was lots of competing to see how little anyone could eat.

    • Miranda: (if ever her character gets killed off "Spooks") It would have to be dramatic. Saving the world. It would be jumping in the way of some bullet that's about to clock Harry or Adam, and Jo just manages to leap in the way of it. Then she has a brilliant dying speech which would make another director see it and go, "Wow I've got to have her in this movie".

    • Miranda: (on joining the cast of the established show, "Spooks") The cast were brilliant. At the time there was a girl who was playing Adam's wife Fiona and I'd been to drama school with her. That made it much easier to join... Everything is quite down to earth and there's lots of joking on set. We're always mucking about.