Mirna Hindoyan

Mirna Hindoyan


Alleppo, Syria

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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Mirna did not appear with Charla on the commentary when Amazing Race: All-Stars aired of Fox Reality.

    • One of the legs that Charla and Mirna finished first during the All-Stars was in Tanzania, which was, coincidentally, the country in which they were eliminated in the fifth season.

    • Mirna is able to speak Turkish, French, Armenian, Spanish and English.

    • During The Amazing Race, Mirna and Charla used their strengths to compliment each other. Charla participated in tasks that involved eating where possible, and leaving Mirna to participate in the more physical challenges

    • Mirna and her cousin, Charla, appeared in the audience of The Price Is Right, but neither of them was chosen into Contestant's Row.

    • Mirna, along with her cousin Carla, appeared in Battle of Network Reality Show Stars. Charla was voted off her original team the first week and placed on another and voted off the following week. Mirna, however, was voted off her original team later in the competition and placed with another team called "Team Underdog." Mirna with her team of "Underdogs" ended up winning. After winning, Mirna thanked her original team for voting her off.

    • In their original season of The Amazing Race, Charla and Mirna failed to win any legs.

    • Charla and Mirna have not won a leg of The Amazing Race outside Africa.

    • Mirna enjoys running and bicycle riding in her free time.

    • Mirna describes herself as sometimes too competitive, strong-willed and ambitious.

    • In the fourteen seasons of The Amazing Race so far, Charla and Mirna are the only team of cousins to run the race.

    • In the first few days of The Amazing Race 5, Mirna was recovering from an illness and was on antibiotics.

    • Mirna likes competing in blackjack tournaments.

    • Mirna currently lives in Towson, Maryland.

    • Mirna was invited to speak to students at the Towson University, after running The Amazing Race 5.

    • Mirna is a graduate from Towson University. She graduated as the youngest person in her class, at the age of 23.

    • After participating on the race, Mirna was invited to the Emmy Awards.

    • In preparation for The Amazing Race 5, Mirna had to conclude fifty cases in her work.

    • Mirna works as a lawyer.

    • Mirna was born one month after her cousin Charla, in the same hospital.

    • In their two seasons of The Amazing Race, Charla and Mirna won two legs. Coincidentally, they were two legs in a row.

    • Mirna can speak English, Armenian, Spanish, French, Arabic and Turkish.

    • Mirna was born in Syria and is of Armenian descent.

    • Charla and Mirna finished sixth in The Amazing Race 5 and third in The Amazing Race: All-Stars.

    • Mirna ran the race with her cousin Charla.

  • Quotes

    • Mirna: (regarding Marshall and Lance) Being a lawyer, I have to deal with despicable human beings on a constant basis.

    • Mirna: (to Dustin and Kandice) Just take your padded bras and stuff you stuff you stuff them with and go somewhere else.

    • Mirna: (reading a letter from Marshall and Lance) You say that you speak five languages, but it turns out you can't even speak English. (stops reading) Oh really!!

    • Charla: She looks like a prostitute.
      Mirna: Well, a prostitute would know where the disco is, wouldn't she?

    • Eric: Did you find a better flight?
      Mirna: The truth is that we found the best flight and we decided not to take it so we can hang out with you!

    • Mirna: (to a local) I'm sorry I'm wearing a bathing suit. It is very weird, I know!

    • Mirna: I think Colin's jealous of me. He has a Napoleon complex. His girlfriend is submissive and he's able to dominate her.

    • Mirna: (regarding Colin and Christe) They're scum of the Earth, but they think they own the Earth.

    • Mirna: Charla, can we play a quick hand of blackjack, we can double our money!
      Charla: (smatches the clue) No!

    • Mirna: It's so cold. I feel like an icicle.
      Charla: Maybe we can be a popsicle so somebody can suck us!

    • Mirna: Stop fighting. We are trying to make love, not war!

    • Mirna: Colin is a tough competitor. We respect the fact that he is such a tough competitor. It's a stressful circumstance. It's tough conditions. And I think initially, when most of the teams saw us, they didn't really think we would be competitors. So some of them tend to discard us. And he was one of them. And I think it took him by surprise, so much to the point where it upset him and infuriated him to see us doing so well. We don't want any of that to stop us. We were there to have fun. It was a chance of a lifetime.

    • Mirna: We knew we had to use our minds to get a step ahead, because physically, it was going to be more demanding to do some of the challenges. That's why we always tried to get the earlier flight and work extra hard to do those things.

    • Mirna: Going into the race, we decided on what our strengths and weaknesses would be. Clearly, Charla is a stronger eater. I felt hopefully I could make up for it in the running or rock climbing or something like that. So Charla really pulled her weight with the eating. She did a great job. She was one of the top competitors when it came to that.

  • Mirna ran The Amazing Race with Charla.

    Mirna is from an Armenian descent and ran The Amazing Race with her cousin Charla. Charla suffers from a form of dwarfism. On The Amazing Race, the two finished in sixth place, but managed to come in second place, three times.

    Then, the two were selected to compete in the All-Stars version of the show. There, they finished third, winning two legs along the way.

    Mirna is funny and hard working. She did so much on the race, more than what one person would normally do. Mirna is also a lawyer, and she had to end fifty cases in six weeks, before their original race.moreless