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  • Very Impressive!!!

    I've been watching OC and was really struck by the performance of Miss Barton, so I'm busy trying to watch her entire body of work, which I'm really enjoying. It's fun to watch the progression of her life and talent through her work. She bring a certain energy and pizzazz to every role she takes and she is always worth watching.
  • Overrated.

    If there was one thing that really held The O.C. back, it's the overrated character of Marissa Cooper. She was whiney, easily misguided, but to make it worse, the only parts Mischa Barton excelled in her character was the "whiney" part and was a bit mediocre in all other areas. Oh, and she's pretty good at fake crying. Other than that though, she obviously has lots of potential, but to me she seems to have a longs way to go to reach the status she's currently sitting on that she undeserves. She's not terrible, I just don't understand the love for her.
  • Mischa Barton, What a girl. Shes just amazing.

    Well were do i start, shes so perfect. She plays Marrissa Cooper so well, if she wasnt on it then there would be no OC, and thats the truth. Shes Really gorgeous in every way, and above all else she CAN act. Better than the rest of her co stars by far. She fits the role perfect, Shes got the most amazing voice, attitude, looks, everything. I could praise her up all day if i could, and i think im falling for her, LOL. One thing i dont get thou is why she moved to New York? why couldnt she stay in England? Well i suppose NY is better than here. But if she stayed at least i would of had a better chance of meeting her. One day i HOPE and PRAY i will meet her, it will be a dream come true. Mischa Barton, carry on doing what you do best, while your on the tele i will never turn it off.
  • Absolutely stunning, a really nice person, and an incredible talent.

    Mischa Barton is one of those rare people who combine incredible beauty, intelligence, modesty and a warm personality all in one neatly wrapped package. Although remembered mainly for playing Marissa Cooper in The O.C., she has, over the years, built up an impressive resume of stage, TV and film work, plus a number of lucrative advertising deals. One of her most recent film roles was in Richard Attenborough's latest production, Closing The Ring, and her performance there led Attenborough to describe her as one of the finest actresses he has ever worked with. Although she currently does not plan on a return to the small screen, prefering to concentrate on movies and possible stage work, she has not completely dismissed the idea of returning to TV in the future.
  • She is sooo gorgeous and talented!!!

    Mischa Barton is such a great actress and is quite convincing in the O.C. Since she is younger than the other actors, i didnt think she could handle portraying Marissa Cooper, as she has a lot of drama in her life.

    Mischa was really the best thing on the O.C, i still can't believe she left. I did not watch one episode after she left, as i knew it would be HORRIBLE without her.. I guess i was correct considering they axed it pretty quickly...

    I dont understand why she hasn't had much work since the O.C...well anyways just wanted to say how much i adore her...xoxoxo
  • mischa barton!!! you rock i just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me and everyone!!! love you so much,,,,your the best role ,model there ever was!!! xxx

    Mischa Barton-
    mischa barton has been seen in a great deal of movies and a couple Tv shows. Her claim to fame was the OC, mischa left the OC in 2006 to persue her movie carera and so she did. In the next two years Mischa Barton is releasing eight new movies, that she starred in. Mischa Barton is a wondeful role model to everyone. Thank-you Mischa i love you so much!! Mischa Barton helps compaign keds her role model ship in keds has been renewed for another year. She is beautiful and always happy. Mischa Barton cares about others which also makes her a great person. Thank-you so much Mischa Barton!! We love you!!.xx
  • a great actoress.

    I first came to know who Mischa Barton was when I started to watch The Oc. I love her story line on there (very sad when she got killed off the show). I really like Mischa because I think that she is a great actoress, and I think that most people would agree with that, If not obviously you have no clue what you are talking about. Mischa Barton is another role model of mine, even though she has had some problems in the past. To me Mischa is just like any other person just getting filmed at the wrong moment. I can't wait for Mischas movies that are coming out soon. :]]
  • She's perfect- nothing to add!

    Mischa Barton is one of the most talented actresses I know. I first saw her in "The Sixth Sense", but she was very young then and I didn't think about her role much. But when I started watching the O.C., I noticed her and started to appreciate her acting skills.
    She portrayed Marissa perfectly and her character quickly became my favorite one.
    She is very natural and she almost makes you believe that she really IS the character she plays!
    It's no point saying that she's also very preety because we can all see it(I admit it although I'm a girl;-)) I like her very much and will never forget Marissa on The O.C.
  • Great actress, amazing in The OC!

    I first saw Mischa in The OC and fell in love with her and her character, Marissa Cooper, almost instantly! She was a great character and one of the main reasons I first started watching the show which is now my all time favourite show! The first two seasons were the best with Mischa's character Marissa at her best, unfortunately they ruined her in season three and she was killed off. I would have loved for her to live because I really missed Mischa's presence in the show. She is a fine actress and I always felt what her character was feeling because of Mischa's great acting. I have seen her in one film since and she was quite good in that but only had a small role, The Oh In Ohio. I'm looking forward to seeing her in more of her future films too. Hopefully she has a long and successfully career ahead of her.
  • I Love Her !

    She is Such a Pretty Girl. She is Such a Pretty Girl. She is Such a Pretty Girl. She is Such a Pretty Girl. She is Such a Pretty Girl. She is Such a Pretty Girl. She is Such a Pretty Girl. She is Such a Pretty Girl. She is Such a Pretty Girl. She is Such a Pretty Girl. She is Such a Pretty Girl. She is Such a Pretty Girl. She is Such a Pretty Girl. She is Such a Pretty Girl. She is Such a Pretty Girl. She is Such a Pretty Girl. She is Such a Pretty Girl.
  • i love mischa barton in the oc..shes amazing!

    Mischa Baron has got to be one of my favorite actresses. I absolutely loved her in The OC because her character, Marissa Cooper, is my all time favorite character in any show. I can related to Marissa on many different levels, and it takes an extremely talented actress/actor to get some of the things right that she had to do in that show. I was really impressed with the episodes "The Escape" and "The Rescue". From personal experiences, she played that character in that situation amazingly. Other than the fact that she is obviously extremely pretty...she is also extremely talented!
  • hot!!

    She was great in the oc up until season 3. In s3 it seemed as though she was less interested in the show as her acting became dull and unenthusiastic. Whether this was due to the writing of the show or the fact she wanted to do other things, her character definately wasn't as enjoyable as in the previous two seasons.
    Aside from that her beauty only improved season to season, today she would have to be one of the hottest actresses around!
    I hope we get to see more of her in other roles, and see what her potential can deliver us.
  • she's very dull and she can make it completely obvious she's acting, but she isn't BAD.

    there are a lot of things i could say about mischa barton. she starred on my favorite show, the oc, for 3 seasons. her character, marissa, was definitely a loveable character for the first two seasons. she was cute, funny, and she worked so well with ryan. sure, in the first season, she had some acting problems. but she was young, i'll cut her some slack on that. she really stepped up to the plate in season 2. her acting improved and she became much more believable. but towards the end of the season, she became depressing to even look at. if you looked at her you just knew something bad was going to happen. then came the oc season 3. this is why i'm giving her a 6.5. not only was she INCREDIBLY boring, but she was slouchy, apathetic, and spoke with a voice that just made you wanna kill her. thankfully, the writers killed her off the show. i think this was one of the best moves they ever made. this huge weight was lifted and the show became comical and lighthearted. i loved marissa and mischa in the first two seasons, but i couldn't stand marissa in season three. i think the main reason for this was mischa. she seemed to uninterested in what was going on and like she was too good for this show or whatnot. i honestly can't see her going on to great things in her future. she'll land a few movie roles and all the 13 year old girls will say "OMG SHES SO PRETTY" but honestly, she can't act. even at her best moments, you can tell she's acting.
  • hot!!!

    Mischa Barton is one of the most beautiful woman i have seen.. she has tha certain something about her that makes you want to watch her over and over again..

    i first saw Mischa Barton when she was still in the OC.. i think that she is partly the reason why I loved the series so much even when it's already going downhill.. i hate her character there but i somehow love her.. i get crazy just by thinking about it..

    but i really hate it when she quit the show.. now i don't have a way of watching her regularly.. i miss seeing her every week.. even if her character really stinks (Marissa in the OC) I still love to see her playing it..
  • Mischa barton is a talented lady!

    Mischa Barton is a very talented actor for sure! She really did spice up The O.C. in her role as 2nd main character "Marissa Cooper".

    Mischa Barton had to do many different roles to suite her on screen characters needs such as being an alcaholic, overdosing in TJ, Shoplifting from South Coast Plaza, catching on to all the psycho freaks in The O.C. and being a girlfriend to her many boyfriends in the show, her boyfriends consisted of Luke (Chris Carmack), Ryan (Ben mckenzie), DJ (Nicholas Gonzales) and Kevin Volcheck.

    Mischa has had some astounding roles in The O.C which has shocked everyone everytime, sad or happy Mischa always plays the role to the best of her ability and she needs some credit for that.

    To Mischa, thanks for being such a good actress in the 3 seasons that you were on our screens in The O.C.
  • Mischa Barton is an amazing actress !!! Very talented and original !

    Mischa Barton is an amzing actress! She is very hot and beautifull! I know her (in the first place) from the video of Enriqe Iglesias. Then I know her from 'The O.C.' where she plays Marissa Cooper. Mischa is only 20 (in 24th of January she will have 21), so she is young, and still she has a great career !
  • Mischa is just great!

    To my thought, I think that Mischa Barton is a really nice person and to my opinion she is a really good actress too. She has appear in several shows to my opinion are not that great but with Mischa it kind of improves it. She appeared in "Once and Again" in which she play the role of a sort of lesbian who was in love with Jessie, then she move into the OC where she was better recognize in which she play partly another gay role, and so I think that Mischa a great actress. She also play in the video of Enrique Iglesias "Addicted" which is really cool, and well, I just like her a lot, I think that she is a great actress... I think that Mischa is just a great actress and I hope that I see her in the future in more different and varied projects. I like her a lot, and I hope that she returns soon to the TV!
  • She is really cool!

    I think that Mischa is a really good star, and she is just one of my favorite stars, I love her in Once and Again, but I think that in the OC it was sort of the same character, well the good thing is that she is out of there, and now she can focus to a lot more important things, I just think that Mischa is really cool, and she is just one of my favorite artists, I do really like her!
  • Great actress! She is one of my favorite actress in a tv drama. She does look better as a blonde, better than a brunette. She was born on January 24, 1986 in London, England, and raised in New York City. She was 17, when cast as troubled teen girl.

    I had been a fan of hers since "The OC" started in August 2003. She has a very good taste in clothes. I always see wear designer dresses/gowns at the awards shows sometimes. She was great in "The Sixth Sense" as a dead girl under the bed. She had a small role as child actress auditioning in a movie in the 1999 film "Notting Hill". Her character on the teen soap wears Chanel all the time in every scene. I am five years older than her. I can't believe her character Marissa Cooper on "The OC" was killed in the season finale. I was so shocked and saddened to see that.
  • After cancelling herself off of The O.C., Mischa needs a new show!

    Mischa Barton is really pretty. I like her a lot. The O.C. is pretty cool too. Mischa Barton looks better as a blonde than rather a brunette, but I think she is a good actress. Everyone should know that. Mischa kicked herself off of The O.C. and now needs a new TV show. My god, she is in like, EVERY magazine I have. Mischa was in a lot of TV shows and movies before The O.C. but her talent never was shown to the world back then. She was born in London, England. That explainsw where the name Mischa came from.
  • "Love", money and clothes= Mischa Barton............ I think she stop thinking about love and actually start acting.

    "Love", money and clothes= Mischa Barton............ I think she stop thinking about love and actually start acting.(U)
    Also she should start wearing actual clothes instead of just lace...........
    If any of the members are offended than i am sorry...
    On The O.C she plays Marissa Cooper. She took drugs on the show, what about in real life? This is just my opinion so please don't criticize on my opinions on celebrities
  • mischa Barton is reaaly cool to hang out with.. She plays as Marissa in the O.C.. her friend is Racheal Bilson plays as Summer. Mischa like a guy named Ryan in the O.c.. but she like him a lot in the show. The O.C look like is really col to up close.

    Mischa Barton like to hanh out with Racheal Bilson. Go shopping with all her cool friends. she could make out with ryan in the O.C and she like it a lot to be with in real life.. She met a girl named Alex because she is really nice. micsha Barton really nice to ryan in the show. Luke she not like.
  • Mischa Barton is just so gorgeous!

    Mischa Barton is a very pretty and talenled person. I didn't really like her in The O.C but overall she was OK. I reckon Mischa is a great sponsor/model for Keds. I Love mischa's style. It's very trendy,simple and glamourous.What more can I say about her. She's gorgeous,talented and pretty....:)
  • I just love her ...

    HI ...

    She's great ... and regardless of what anyone says about her, if you leave your closed-mind points of view about her beside ... well, you'll see that I'm right! Well she made a few mistakes. Blame her? Who never done anything wrong, trew the first rock, nobody's perfect!
    If think she is a great actess and she hasn't reached her peak, you'll all see that I'm right. And I'm not sayng that only becaus she is absoulutely beautifull, which she is (#21 place in Maxim's top 100), but also because she is talented!
    Listen, the bottom line is that I think she is PERFECT, the most beautifull beeing on the Earth and above that she has "a truck-load of talent". Maybe it sound lame, exagerated, and so on ... but I don't care what you think ... because if you do not agree with this at all, then you are: or a critic or a becoming critic.
    Freedom of speech exist ... so reply if you want, but you won't be never able to change my oppinion!
    I LOVE HER !!!!

    Thank you for reading the above,
  • Name: Mischa Barton Birthday: January 24, 1986 Birthplace: London, England HighSchool: College: None Salary: Unknown Family: Parents and 2 Sisters Place of Residence: New York City, NY (Manhatten)

    (Marissa Cooper on THE O.C.)

    At the age of 17, Mischa Barton, Glamour magazine\\\'s \\\"Next Big Thing,\\\" and Entertainment Weekly’s “It List” honoree, has developed an extensive filmography and theatrical résumé that will surely make her one of the most sought-after young actresses of her generation. Neutrogena recently signed her for their 2003 campaign.

    Barton made her feature film debut in 1998 with the critically lauded Sundance favorite \\\"Lawn Dogs,\\\" opposite Sam Rockwell. This was followed by \\\"Pups,\\\" a modern-
    day version of \\\"Bonnie and Clyde,\\\" for filmmaker Ash (\\\"Bang\\\"). She then added key roles in the 1999 blockbusters \\\"The Sixth Sense,\\\" with Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment, and \\\"Notting Hill,\\\" with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.

    Barton subsequently completed work on an additional five features, including \\\"Lost and Delirious,\\\" opposite Piper Perabo, and \\\"Julie Johnson,\\\" with Courtney Love and Lili Taylor--both of which premiered at Sundance. Barton can also be seen in \\\"Skipped Parts,\\\" with Jennifer Jason Leigh and Drew Barrymore; \\\"Tart,\\\" with Melanie Griffith and Dominique Swain; and \\\"Paranoid,\\\" with Jessica Alba.

    Barton began her promising career in New York theatre at age 9 with a lead role in Tony Kushner\\\'s \\\"Slavs!\\\" She soon segued into the lead role in James Lapine\\\'s \\\"Twelve Dreams\\\" at Lincoln Center. Among her other varied stage credits are \\\"Where the Truth Lies\\\" and \\\"One Flea Spare,\\\" both of which were presented at the New York Shakespeare Festival.

    Barton was featured for three seasons on the daytime drama \\\"All My Children.\\\" She also portrayed the title role of Frankie alongside Joan Plowright in the Showtime film \\\"Frankie and Hazel.\\\" Barton shot on location in Australia for the telefilm \\\"A Ring of Endless Light\\\" and immediately followed with an eight-episode arc on \\\"Once and Again.\\\"

    A longtime Manhattan resident, Barton enjoys family life with her parents and two sisters.
  • Mischa won many hearts while playing the role of Marissa Cooper, the rich gorgeous girl who falls in love with bad boy Ryan Atwood in the hit series The OC. Needs a lot of work in her acting, though.

    Mischa needs acting lessons. She can barely act. I've seen extras that are better. I'd be lying if I said that I don't melt and don't get a huge grin on my face whenever Ryan (Ben McKenzie) and Marissa (Mischa) are being sweet to each other onscreen, because I totally do. But that's it. Ben just makes her look good. All of her OC co-stars are much more talented. Can't deny her fitting in well in the looks department though. She's gorgeous. Just needs to.. well, say her lines with feelings or something.
  • I thought she was different. (May contain an OC spoiler)

    First off, I would like to say that I do not hate Mischa Barton. I like her a lot. She's beautiful, talented, and has a wonderful personality. But, in light of her departure from "The O.C." it is obvious that she is not unique at all. She's actually a rising star that like many before her got bitten by the fame bug and has gotten too greedy.

    Let's look at some Hollywood history. From 1977 until 1980, "Three's Company" was one of the highest rated shows on television. It even broke records as being the highest rated midseason show ever (until the Simpsons in 1989). The stars of that show were of course John Ritter & Suzanne Sommers. As Suzanne became a more popular actress, she demanded more money from ABC ($120,000 more per episode). They did not cave and since then she has appeared in nothing but low level television shows & B movies.

    Another example is David Caruso. Before he was solving crimes in Miami, he was the secondary star on "NYPD Blue." The one year that he was on rocketed to instant stardom. Or at least it would have if he wasn't a b**** and quit the show. It took him 8 years before anyone would take a serious chance on him.

    Now, I have always considered Mischa to be someone who actually takes her fame seriously and wouldn't think about gambling it away. But sadly, that is what it's come to. Before 2003, nobody knew who the hell Mischa Barton was. It didn't matter that she was in the Sixth Sense or Notting Hill, as far as everyone was concerned, she was Marissa Cooper. She could have used this show to propel her to stardom for the next 10 years and gradually make her way into movies. This way, if her new film career didn't work out, she would have a large fanbase to fall back on. But honestly, ever since that moment when we watched her gasp for air while looking into Ryan's eyes thinking about how much she truly loved him, I just can't see her the same way anymore. If she was somehow screwed by the producers and forced out of her contract, I would be outraged and sympathetic. But, seeing as how she is so happy to leave the show, all I can see is greed.

    As for her new career, I can tell you with almost 100% certainty exactly what the next 2 years are going to be like. Right now, she has 4 movies scheduled to come out. Hexxx (2007) is going to suck, Guilty Pleasures (2007) is going to suck, Closing the Ring (2007) is going to suck, and The OH in Ohio (2006) is really going to suck.

    Maybe, Mischa will take the next few months to think things over and realize what a horrible mistake this was. And then the producers will hopefully find a miraculous way to write her back into the show. But, in the meantime, I just don't have the same respect for her that I used to.
  • Sexy. Hot. Beautiful. I can't stop watching her.

    I think that Mischa Barton is one of the most beautiful girls that I have ever watched on TV; I like the OC vey much but I personally do that just to watch her, I can't stop doing it, it is such a great person and I think that she is one of the most beautiful persons that ever appear in the OC, and I think that the role of Marissa that she plays in the show is one of the best ones that I could imagine because she is such a rebel and great person that is in love with Ryan, and everything and I think that she's great...
    I personally, like her more in Season 2 because of the part where she turn gay for a while and she begin dating with a girl named Alex, that is sexy too, and I think that was a great turn for the series and the character of Marissa, and I think that she is one of the most talent persons I have ever watched in my life and I think that she is so hot, beautiful and very sexy, you should really watch some of her sexiest photos because she is really good in them, I have watch several of them and I think that she is SO beautiful and sexy in them, I can't stop watching her, she is just fantastic and one of the best talents of the OC, I love her...

    Mischa Barton is one of the most talented women I have seen on TV. The only reason I have watched the O.C. is because Mischa appears in it, and I think that she is pretty very big star, giving the fact that she act as a lesbian for a while, and even kiss with a girl, and I don't think that many actors have done that in series with gay appearance. I think that Mischa has a great future once the O.C. is over, and I think that she should have been put on a much better show, I hope...
  • Not a great actor but brings a good meaning to Marissa.

    So she may not be the best oscar winning actress of our time. Mischa Barton is great as Marissa in the OC, Marissa has had a wide range of problems from boys to drink to gun crime. Mischa has been able to pull off these roles.

    She is on of the youngest in The Oc's cast with her on screen boyfriend Ryan at least 7 years older than her. I think she does well, she is clearly able to make a great career for herself in the future.
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