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  • Fly LIKE A CASTIEL and be a Misha fan all to and one to all GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

    Even though I only seen Misha Collins in the TV supernatural to see that he's outgoing, funny, and a very good actor I hope he has a happy career hope you have a very good life and don't forget to FLY LIKE A CASTIEL!!!
  • I need Cas

    I am currently watching S7, and still waiting for Cas to show up. I love Cas the most cos he is the most complex and most interesting character. Without Castiel during S7 is kinda little bland. Super glad that he will be back later on, and he is upgraded to be regular cast for S9. That is totally awesome. The truth is, I am in love with this character Cas. If they kill off such a great character, they took a piece of me with them. Gotta say, Cas the real deal in the show. Without him, it's gonna be a heartbreak for me.
  • Misha

    I just finished watching the entire 6 seasons of Supernatural. Every actor who has been on the show has been outstanding! I think the men who portray the Winchesters are great and I totally enjoy all the shows... But when Misha is on he brings a different type of energy that boosts the others performance. I look at him to someday be up there with Sean Connery as far as greatness goes! Love your role. I do wish you did have a Jesus come into the picture. Now that would be a show where he commands the Angels and things change where Dean becomes a preacher for a while and Sam becomes a gambler in Las Vegas. Bobby tries to save them both but needs Misha to come to the rescue to help both!
  • Misha is a super actor. He has helped Supernatural and is considered an important actor in this series. I have watched him in several different shows, and I tell you- Castelle makes him a superstar.


    Misha must stay with the Supernatural Series- I enjoy his role and his "true" relationship with Dean, Sam, and Bobby. Misha you are a very talented actor, please continue with Supernatural and mend fences with the others. The four of you have a bond that makes us count the calendar down until the next episode.

  • Misha Collins is amazingly talented.

    Misha is a terrific actor who bring an undoubted sense of reality to audiences. I have only seen his performances in Supernatural, but i have seen enough to be very impressed. He is very commanding when performing. He also has a great way of layering his characters. Many actors only give their persona one level, but with Misha's character Castiel, a powerful and intimidating, yet compassionate Angel of the Lord, the layers appear to be endless. One moment you are absolutely in awe of his sheer power, and the next you are absolutely petrified. But then, a few episodes later, he is caring and forgiving. Even later, the audience, or at least myself, emote to his character and that is truly a sign of great acting. I can't wait to see him in more things. He looks to be very promising.
  • i like angellllllllllllll............

    he is a good actor. & look like a angel.i like cherecter he is playing in super natural. its soooooo sweet. u know some time i think if there is any angel in our world then it should be like cess(misha). not for only good looks because of his good nature . i m saying it for the cherecter he played in super natural. because i love super natural l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l....................
  • Amazing

    I thought I hadn't seen much of Misha before Supernatural until I read the shows he'd been in and realised I'd seen him in quite a few things. But it was really Supernatural that brought him to my attention.

    He's awesome in that, so still and unmoving; which is weird when you see him in interviews; he's hilarious. I met him at the Asylum con in Birmingham and I was in stitches watching his panels, he's always got a funny answer for the questions asked. And I absoluetely love the pic I got with him.

    Anyway, I'm off track. I think Misha is a great actor and I can't wait to see more of him.