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    • Missy Francis: (about working on "Little House") I can honestly say that everyone was really very welcoming. Rachel and Robin Greenbush (Carrie Ingalls) were delighted to have another girl their age to play with! I always had plenty of playmates and friends on the set, which made things fun. Even though Matthew Laborteaux (Albert Ingalls) was older, he was very kind to his "younger sisters." He helped us with both lines and homework, and he included us in his activities. On this set, when we went to school, it was so much like the schoolhouse you saw on the show. All the kids together, in different grades, but working side by side, playing outside during breaks, passing notes when the teacher wasn't looking! It was as normal as a school set could be, and I have only very happy memories of day to day life on the set of Little House.