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  • LOVE HER!!

    She is an amazing person and actress.
  • Great actress who has grown so much professionally in the last few years and is absolutely amazing in Rookie Blue!


    I am really enjoying watching Missy Peregrym in Rookie Blue. Having seen her in Stick It, Life as We Know It, Heroes and Reaper, I think Missy has grown professionally with each role that she has taken on.

    From her early roles as a school girl to more serious adult roles in her recent projects, she has definitely matured into a great actress.

    In the few interviews I've seen with her she also comes across as very down to earth, serious about her work but with a great sense of humor. You can tell she loves her line of work.

    With her experience in Rookie Blue, I am sure we will be seeing Missy in more leading roles both on television and on the big screen.

  • Awesome actor

    She may not always be the leading actor but she definitely brings everything to the table... With her awesome performances in Smallville and heroes... she became one of my favourite, even if she was not in there for long, her performance stood out and well she was in those two awesome shows. Her performance in the movie stick it was great, i loved her in the movie she was the rebel girl, that everyone likes to see...

    also before that she was in a television show called life as we know it i loved that show, was sad when it ended, but her performance in all movies will always stand out...

    OVerall she is an excellent actor, that i hope will become really famous. eg: more then now
  • Missy was great on life as we know it! Hope to see her in something else soon!

    I really enjoyed Missy's portrayal of Jackie in life as we know it. She's a beautiful girl, wounded by her father's self destruction through alcohol. Very much enjoyed the episode when she finally was brave enough to attend an Al-Anon meeting. Hope to see Missy in more soon. She's definitely an up-and-coming talent!