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    • Missy: Truth is, as much as I love competition, I love people more. The Olympics are a great stage to inspire us to be better; to never give up.

    • Missy: (on the Canadian Screens Awards - CSA - for 2014, where there were some nominees from the show Rookie Blue) Congratulations to the Rookie Blue CSA nominees!!! You're all extremely talented and I'm blessed to be working with you.

    • Missy: We weren't created to be alone, we all need support. You're enough, you're more loved than you know and your story matters.

    • Missy: There's never enough hours in a day.There's never enough hours in a day.

    • Missy: (on being Canadian) I am proud of my country and to be Canadian. Thank you to those who served to make my freedom possible, and those who are serving to keep it

    • Missy: (on her concept of confidence) Confidence: A quiet inner strength that makes itself known through action. It's earned through risk of reputation, understanding & comfort

    • Missy: Life is often a grand illusion, devoid of anything that matters and we need to step away in order to see the Truth.

    • Missy: (on her contribution and work for Habitat for Humanity) There is nothing more freeing than coming together with strangers to love OTHER strangers. I am blessed. I am grateful. I am loved.

    • Missy: Wisdom is the CHOICE to do the right thing, to serve another, even at a great personal cost. You will be honored with freedom and know LIFE.

    • Missy: It's really easy to get down on yourself and get really self-centered in this industry. If you don't get the role, it's because of the way you look -- it's always about you.

    • Missy: (on her being a tomboy while growing up) I hung out with guys all the time. I was very active in sports. I didn't watch a lot of TV or go to movies very much.

    • Missy: I think that when you respect yourself, and you're happy with yourself, you raise a higher standard for yourself. And when you do that you allow strong people who also believe those things into your life and it's about quality of life.

    • Missy: I want young women to respect themselves. I want them to eat food, for God sakes, but I want them to take care of themselves. I want to inspire athleticism within young women... for them to take care of their bodies and it all starts with how you think of yourself.

    • Missy: (about her experience in LA) The power of influence here is crazy, which can be a good thing, but I think it's really tough to stand up for really good things here because that's not what sells.

    • Missy: (on the characters in Heroes) I feel like every character on this show has the ability to do good things with their powers but also have temptations that would encourage them to use them for selfish reasons.

    • Missy: (on the difference between acting in film and on TV) The one thing that I love about film is that you know the story from beginning to end. There's a character development and you get to see the arc and, in television, you are waiting script by script.

    • Missy: I want girls to be who they are and what they have to offer and it's not based on what other people think about you.