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  • i think misti is gorgeous. but no, im not one of those crazy obsessed fans who make shrines and stuff like that.

    I think misti is so gorgeous. im only 16, which knocks her clean out of my league, but i have dated a 20 year old. ;)heh, i was kinda hopin her to be my age even though she was playing a girl who was 28 in law and order svu. and no, just in case i give that impression, im not a crazed obsessed fan. just to clear that up. well anywayz, my email is theuseda7xkunt@yahoo.com... does anyone know how to change that scary doll from being my piture?? it really creeps me out... like really. oooh wellll. well anywayz, email me sometime okay misti? i hope you enjoyed my review! XD
  • I don't like her at all...

    I'm not going to say she is a bad actress because she isn't, she is not a good one, though; but there's something about her that I really don't like... Her squeaky voice is annoying, I can't stand it, her characters are not likeable at all but I like a couple of series she is on, "Living with Fran" and "Huff"... but the good thing is that she is hardly seen in Huff and I can hate her and still watch Fran Drescher's show, and she is not in there that much either. I hope she will not show up on my favorites shows, at least she didn't show up on Six Feet Under..XD
    I hate her!